Target Launches Baby Daddy Cards For Father’s Day…Apparently Not Well Received!

Per WCVB Boston Channel 5 News , Target had released Baby Daddy cards for Father’s Day. Hey, why not!? Oh because people will find them offensive? Yes…because it’s 2018, folks. Heaven forbid a strong, independent woman still wants to celebrate her baby daddy who is or is not paying child support. Maybe it’s like “You put the L in Child Support.” or “If only you made money like you made babies” or “Remember when you made like a tree and left me…with a fucking human baby?!?!”

I am assuming this was all Target and Hallmark didn’t cash in on this stupendous idea. It’s a shame. Seems like a cash cow. Imagine if you could do custom recording for audio when the card is opened? Open it up and the angry mom is just ranting and reminding the baby daddy of all the things he fucked up and what he owes. Just say “Hey remember when you said you were wearing a condom?” and just show a picture of the kid. Also a sneaky good day to serve a court order: “Happy Father’s Day…you’ve been served.” Hey, this is all assuming the father is no longer with the mother, but what if he is? Oh, yeah….probably just buy the normal Father’s Day cards, right? Yeah. WELP. Maybe Target should have pulled out quicker with this idea. Whoops.

Of all the brands, I was not expecting this from Target. Maybe Walmart or Kohl’s but Target which people like to call Tarjet (accent in there). The higher end department store. Which is a bunch of BS, Targets are warzones that’s why their logo is a bullseye not because they’re on brand. Because this is one of the many reasons, they are truly BAD for brand.

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