Chicago is Having Elon Make their New Air Tram so it Will Be Completed in 20never


A company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been selected to build a high-speed underground transportation system that will whisk passengers from downtown Chicago to O’Hare International Airport in minutes.

Adam Collins, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, confirmed in a tweet the selection of The Boring Co. Wednesday night. Collins said the journey in electric vehicles will take roughly 12 minutes. The Boring Co. will fund the project in its entirety.

The company says on its website that each vehicle will carry eight to 16 people and travel at speeds of 125 mph to 150 mph.

Emanuel said the system will strengthen “our great city for future generations.”

The Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line trains currently provide transportation from the city to O’Hare.

Hey Chicago, not sure if you’ve been following along with Elon’s business ventures, but they stink. DEEEYYYYY STINK! Guy can’t hit a deadline, can’t make a car that doesn’t fall apart, and can’t make an affordable car without it looking like it was made in some chop shop. Guy never delivers.

Also, I fully understand that Elon is a big idea guy. A dreamer who is smart enough to take dreams and make them reality. The problem is he just never, ever, ever does it the right way. He always thinks he’s better than the proven standards. Take Tesla for instance. Sure, it’s amazing that he was able to produce a true electric vehicle that has the power and tech to go toe to toe with traditional cars, except that it’s all fluff. They are made of shit materials, inconsistent body lines, and an autopilot system that’s racking up a body count like Jimmy Conway after the Lufthansa heist. the Model 3, which is supposed to be the Tesla for the common man, has had more delays than the new TOOL album. I finally see one the other day on Hamilton Ave in Brooklyn and the thing looked like a shittier Honda Fit. Newsflash Elon: none of these things are worth a damn if they don’t perform & give you more headaches than their worth. That’s why real automakers take their time to integrate new tech. It’s called testing & quality control. You’re a genius bro, you should know this.

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