Do You Want To Make $3500 For a Hotel Stay? Well, do I Have a Story For You…


Miami Beach. The Caribbean. Cabo. All of these vacation spots may sound appealing, but they can cost thousands. Why not plan a getaway where your hotel not only paysyour travel expenses but also gives you a little extra just for coming?

Thanks to St. Louis University’s Center for Vaccine Development, now you can. The only catch? You’ll be purposely exposed to influenza. And most sightseeing is out, since you’ll be quarantined.

As Forbes reports, the university just announced that it has converted part of its on-campus hotel into a research hub for flu. “Guests” of “Hotel Influenza” will be paid volunteers in a human challenge study that aims to evaluate the efficacy of vaccines. Rather than follow subjects in the real world who may or may not contract the virus, the center will make sure of it, exposing occupants to germs and then evaluating their response. Researchers are offering $3500 to cover each volunteer’s travel expenses, leaving the rest as compensation for marinating in their own snot.

That exposure doesn’t necessarily guarantee they’ll experience flu symptoms. If a guest happens to have been treated with a working vaccine rather than a placebo, they might not get sick, and can pass away the time in the center’s modest quarters, which include catered meals and a common room with a television. If they do fall ill, 24-hour medical care will keep their discomfort to a minimum. Owing to the risk of transmission, they won’t be allowed to leave until they stop shedding the virus. The typical duration of stay is about 10 days.

Sign. Me. UP. You mean to tell me, that all i gotta do for $3500 is go to St. Louis, be exposed to the flu after possibly getting flu shot, chill for 10 days while being cared for by a full staff 24-7, and go home? Where’s the downside here? Honest to God I don’t see one. Think about it, it’s not like any of us have never had the flu before. I know people who get that shit like once a year. Me, I’m a big vitamin taker so i barely ever get sick. All I see is in my case is like a 10% chance of getting the flu while i chill for 10 days and they pay me $350 a day. I’ll bring my Nintendo Switch, make sure I got some emergency porn on the laptop (never know they might block spankbang or pornhub), bring like 3-4 tracksuits, two fresh packs of beaters, some mesh shorts, sneak some weed in my toiletry kit & have one hell of a 10 day stretch. And if, IF their little flu bug gets to me, ho hum. I beat the flu like any mma fighter alive beats on CM Punk : savagely.

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