Is Being a Dancing Doctor Bad for Brand? In This Case a Resounding Yes

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A dermatologist who was seen on video dancing to a hip-hop song while performing a surgical procedure was suspended Thursday by the Georgia medical board, which reportedly said her continued practice “poses a threat to the public health, safety and welfare.”

Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte is a dermatologist and director of Boutte Contour Surgery & Skin in Lilburn, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. Davis-Boutte’s websiteclaims she has a “surgeon’s hands” and a “woman’s touch.”

Latoyah Rideau, the patient who appears in one video and who is now planning to sue for pain and suffering, told the Times that Davis-Boutte should’ve been paying more attention to her work and less to dancing.

“I just wanted my butt a little rounder and smaller,” she said.

Instead, her buttocks are now lopsided and her left side is continually itching, she told the Times.

“I can’t live like this. It affects my relationship, it affects everything,” Rideau said. “I’m very self-conscious.”

Rideau will join nine other patients who have sued the doctor. They claim her practice left them disfigured, and, in one case, caused brain damage.

The Times reports that the Georgia Composite Medical Board said it “received reliable information” that a patient had been taken by ambulance to a hospital on May 31, one day after a liposuction, breast augmentation and a Brazilian butt-lift operation. The patient had a collapsed lung and suffered from anemia because of acute blood loss, the board said.

The patient remained in the hospital as of Wednesday. Davis-Boutte’s treatment “failed to conform to the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing medical practice,” the board said, describing a “pattern of conduct” and citing unsatisfactory treatment for six other patients.

“Since the suspension, she’s not able to comment at this time,” a publicist for Davis-Boutte told the newspaper.

During an interview on HLN posted on Thursday, Davis-Boutte said, “I’ve done nothing wrong.” She later added, “I’m a surgeon, I’m supposed to be able to multitask.”

Listen, I’m all for multitasking. I do it all day long. We all do. I’m also all for having some fun on the job. Shit can get real mundane and drive you nuts if you don’t loosen up a bit. Just gotta do your thing while getting shit done.

What you CAN’T do tho, is fuck around so much that your patients keep having to go to the hospital due to your shoddy work. and that’s what this doctor did. I’ve seen plenty of surgeons who blast tunes while they work. All different kinds too like hip hop, metal, classical, country, etc. That part doesn’t mean a thing. When you then start performing cosmetic surgery to the beat and fuckin up some booty implants, then you got problems. BIG problems. When you get known as the dancing doc who makes lopsided asses, you know what you did is BAD FOR BRAND.

dancing doc

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