Pro Wrestling

Corbin Shaves Head, Becomes Instant Fan Favorite

It’s amazing what I good haircut can do!  Poor Corbin, getting ripped on by the lovely people of the internet for his hair line for years how now become the bell of the ball and all it look was a few snips and a quick meeting with the buzzer.

Now all the fans love him.  Compliment after compliment making their way around the Twitter universe.  “He’s actually good looking” … “Wow, he looks so young” … it makes you wonder why he didn’t do it sooner.  My guess is that he enjoyed the fact that the poor people of the internet resented him for something they oddly care about so much, for so long, for such a petty reason.

As we would found out, Corbin admittedly knew this bothered people, so he was pretty much like “fuck it, I’m heel and you’re gonna look at my string cheese hair, okay you freaken nerd, now go cry about it online” …  But what people may not realize is that in reality it’s fucking hard to shave your head and admit you’re going bald, especially since you feel helpless in the sense that it’s not something you can control.  I mean, you could always get the surgery, but when you’re on the road 300+ days a year that’s not really an option.  There’s also the “big reveal” where you know everyone is gonna comment on it once you turn up sporting a dome.  That alone could scare people enough to keep their last few strands dangling from their head, even if it does look like a bowl of angel hair pasta.

Here’s the video of the snip ..

Not gonna lie, he looks like Taker there mid-match after all the water from his hair has drained.  Now all he needs is 20+ wins at WrestleMania and he’s right there with the Deadman.  I still say it’s kinda crazy that he didn’t do this sooner, but hey, who am I to judge, the Lord has blessed me with 32 years of a full head of hair.  Not braggin’, just sayin’.

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