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CUBICLES & CROSSFIT: The Challenges Of Getting Changed At Work

It’s 5PM, class it at 6PM and you’re working on your last email.  You don’t know how the traffic is, you haven’t dropped C4 into your shaker yet and you’re still rockin’ jeans and a button down.  What do you do?

Every 9-5er knows what this is like.  And to be clear, I’m using 9-5er loosely because the reality is that the work day demands much more than that in today’s corporate environment.  Anyway, every person that works at their desk all day knows that getting changed for your workout is a hassle.  Not everyone has huge stalls in the bathroom and tons of room to operate, especially if you work in New York like I do.  In fact, at times you need to make the decision to either change at work or change when you get to the box.  Personally, I’m a change at work kinda guy.  I don’t like to be rushed (if possible, usually always am though).  With that said, I find myself encountering the following issues when trying to change and book it out the door so I can avoid a penalty of 25 burpees ..


Once you change, it’s a dead giveaway and you’re gonna catch some eyes.  Ya see, in corporate culture there’s this stigma that the later you stay, the harder you’re working.  I personally don’t agree with that, especially with the ability to work remote, but at the end of the day, PERCEPTION is everything.  The one thing I keep in my mind is that I’m trying to better myself.  Training is an aspect that helps me anchor my day/life.  It allows me to function a high level, although, it is tough heading out the door looking like a stud, rockin’ a performance drink in one hand and under armor head to toe when your coworkers are scratching their heads while being locked in conference rooms.  I would resent me to.  Sorry bro, my gains are calling and I gotta pick up the phone (with proper form of course).


For most of us on the East Coast, space is limited unless you work for Facebook or Google that is.  I’m pretty sure they have their own changing rooms.  For the rest of us, it’s the bathroom stall.  This is where you not only need to be timely, but also strategic.  Usually there is only one handicap stall and that’s the stall you want without question.  The other stalls are frankly too damn small, especially considering all the work I’ve been putting in on my lats recently.  STRICT PULLUPS ALL DAY BABY!  There are some challenges here though: the handicap stall is highly coveted, so at times you’ll need to wait your turn or just carry your gym bag with you wherever you go so you can jump at the chance of snagging the luxury space.   That space allows you to change, pack your clothes, fold them nicely and organize other items such as wallet, keys, entry cards etc… Lastly, it allows you to take your time, but don’t take TOOOO much time, cuz then everyone is gonna think you double-dipped by changing and dropping a duece.


Nothing screams professionalism like dryfit shorts and metcons, am I right?  Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to get the big stall (see prior) and get changed ahead of time, but now what do I do?  I can’t leave because then it’s SUPER early and that just looks bad, but I also can’t just sit in this stall for the next 20-30s minutes, so you have no choice but to go back to your desk and work in your gear … and this brings on questions … “Oh, you’re going to the gym?  Do you have class?  I didn’t know you spin” … All of these questions are bound to come your way.  Also, your coworkers aren’t used to seeing you in anything but button downs and suits, so it’s a shock for them to see how jacked your calves are … this leads to more questions and ultimately …


Without fail this question is asked every single time I get changed at work.  Unfortunately, this is where my pride takes over.  I can’t just say “a gym in my neighborhood”, I just can’t do it.  And to be honest, I shouldn’t have to, but the minute I say Crossfit I start getting the questions.  We’ve all been there.  Listen, I’ll talk about it all day, every day, but not in the elevator or at my desk.   Also, I am of the many that believe that proper term is “training”, not “exercising”.  So even though I know I’m being a bit petty, I don’t want to minimize what I’m doing and putting my body through every week.  So yea bro, I’m going to Crossfit, so how about instead of the Q&A, how about you roll with me to class, you sign a waiver and see what it’s all about, because if I’m being honest, I’m fucking late bro and I don’t have time to have this conversation … SEE YA TOMORROW, GOTTA RUN!

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