Top GIFs From CM Punk’s UFC 225 Fight (plus a quick review)

First off, mad props to CM Punk.  I don’t care if you’re a UFC purist or a wrestling fan or some troll on the internet (or if you’re Corey Graves having a terrible day), the guy is a draw and I don’t know many dudes with limited skill that could dedicate almost 4 years to taking two ass beatings while they could’ve been chilling with their wife and doing something less taxing on their face.   Sure, people will say he has the money to have some “fun” and “live his dream”, but honestly, that’s bullshit.  Training ain’t fun.  It’s time consuming, it’s a mind fuck.  It’s not like he skipped the line to have a lead role in an Avengers movie with no acting experience.  He literally probably put himself through misery in order to just have the chance to step in the Octagon.  I’d say it was 50% fun, 50% misery.

Also, if you’re money, you’re money.  This guy is a draw.  Fuck the haters or anyone who think he shouldn’t have done this.  Do I agree that it’s over?  Yes, it’s gotta be, but I’m never going to rip on someone for doing something they want if they can bring money to the table.  That’s the one issue I had with Joe Rogan’s commentary last night.  You want to rip on him?  Go ahead, but he’s putting asses in the seats, let’s not forget that.  Ain’t nobody else having his name chanted by the entire arena in unison.  Also, I sure as fuck wouldn’t have bought this fight had Punk not been on it so you should at least thank him for the house in between your hot takes of how bad the guy is … like, we know he’s terrible.  I have eyes, I can see that I’m more athletic than this guy.  If anything, Rogan should have taken aim at Mike Jackson, who might be dumber than CM Punk is bad.  That fuckin clown wants to make it in media?  In entertainment?  Good luck, bro, you’re like the most unlikeable and uninteresting person I’ve ever seen.  As my mother in-law would say, you’re “Dry Like A Toast”.  (FYI, I love Joe Rogan, he’s probably the best in the business, I just thought he was beating a dead horse after round 2 considering a horse was literally being beat to death in CM Punk).

Anyway, in case you didn’t want to drop $65 bucks like I did, here are some sweet GIFs from last night.

Chicago Made … this looks familiar.
When the inner pro wrestler kicks in …
Jun-10-2018 07-57-07
“I’m the Cult of Personality.”
… and here … we … go.
I’ve seen those kicks before .. DAN-IEL BRY-AN! (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
SPEAR! … Goldberg, Edge, Roman … CM Punk?
Applying your wife’s finisher, THE BLACK WIDOW!
Mike Jackson being a complete tool
He’s gassed, but that fucker wouldn’t go down.
Not good.
It’s clobbering time … no doubt.



This Tui dude did the Titanic Entrance and sang Celin Dion all the way to the ring … I’m “ALL IN” on this guy.


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