LeBron Makes No Excuses For Getting Swept, Other Than Breaking His Hand (lol)

Gotta love him!  Just when you thought that LeBron could not one up himself in the “this fuckin’ guy” department, he comes out and hits you with the I’m humble, but I’m the man, but it’s not about me, Golden State was the better team, but it wasn’t my fault, I broke my hand.  Just perfectly executed by LeBron, checking all the boxes in how to do an interview in the 2018.  Here’s the video:

It’s almost impossible to come from that press conference and not hate and love this guy. I mean seriously think about it, if you really wanted to impress everyone, wear the cast to every press conference.  Fuck it, wear it during the game if you can. The whole narrative would have been “HOW IS HE DOING IT WITH A BROKEN HAND, OH MY GOD, HE’S NOT A MAN, HE’S A MACHINE!”  Everyone would just be in awe of what he’s able to do hurt, but now all people can think is that this dude is making excuses.  And the fact is that he KNOWS people are gonna call him on that shit, but he just straight doesn’t give a shit.  The guy cannot admit he got beat, simply will not do it.  Even though the fact is they got blown the fuck out at home and had Steph Curry doing his little shimmy dance all up in his face, LeBron just cannot stomach the blame.  He doesn’t care if every reporter throws his teammates under the bus, that’s fine, he’ll even agree (lol), however, he personally will never accept straight up defeat without some excuse.

Personally, I don’t know what to think.  I can’t even tell if he’s full of shit with this hand injury because the guy is legit smart and makes a ton of good points.  He can literally speak to every team he’s been a part of and talk about what position that team was in, the injuries, the games, the talent he had around him.  The guy is seriously cerebral, which is why I have decided recently to throw up my hands and give R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  He’s too good to hate anymore and he’s for damn sure too unintentionally hilarious.  Does he think he’s being funny?  No.  Does he realize he’s absolutely ridiculous at times?  Absolutely not.  Are all his jokes cringeworthy?  Definitely.  But that’s the beauty of it.  That’s who LeBron is.  He’s one of the most famous socially awkward people I’ve ever watched on a television screen and I can’t get enough.  I watched all 4 games of this knowing it was over at Game 1.  That’s the LeBron effect.

With that said, please save me from sports purgatory and join the Knicks.  I know you won’t, but at least tease me this summer.  Get some rumors going.  Show up in a New York nightclub with Jay Z or something and bring your weird fuckin’ ass to the Garden.

Bon Voyage, Bro.


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