Should LeBron Play Game 4 or Just Start Visiting Other Teams?

So last night I’m watching Game 3 with the ol’ ball and chain and we’re having a great time. It’s action packed, it’s physical and the home team is winning.  The crowd is going absolutely bananas.  We got LeBron throwing alley-oops to himself off the backboard, J.R. Smith hitting 3s and Kevin Love dominating in the paint.  All signs pointed to a Cleveland home win and an immediate injection of what may have turned into a competitive series.  Finally, Cleveland was gonna hand Golden State an ass kicking and it would truly be GLORIOUS!

…. nope.

There’s just too much firepower on The Warriors.  Honestly, there’s nothing anyone can do, even LeBron.  The fact that their All Star players can have horrendous nights and it doesn’t matter because Kevin Durant is there to “pick up” the pieces is just fucking wild.  This is why, if I’m LeBron, I probably don’t even play in Game 4.  Just let the grieving process in Cleveland start now.  Don’t put the fans through another “will he stay or will he go” fiasco.  The answer is, he’s fucking going.

I’m fuckin’ going.  Good luck, bro.

The irony of this whole situation is that LeBron really brought it upon himself.  He has himself to blame.  He’s the one who pulls the strings in Cleveland or pretty much any franchise he decides to go to.  Unlike Durant, he doesn’t fall in place.  LeBron is “the place” in his opinion.  He’s said numerous times he’s the best player in the world, which he is.  He’s the only guy right now that does not need a supporting cast to get to the Finals.  Harden couldn’t do it and I’m not sure even Durant could.  With that said, I think LeBron is just tired of this shit.  Things were so much easier in Miami and now, in Cleveland, he’s back in the same spot he was all those years ago when he had a legit hairline and no one on his team to help him cover the bald spots.

He’s taking his talents elsewhere alright, that’s for sure, I just don’t think he should even bother wasting another drop of sweat.   You could tell that he wasn’t even mad when Durant hit that dagger 3 last night.  He didn’t even look disappointed, in fact, he look relieved.  He knows he got Cleveland their championship so they honestly can’t say shit to him.  Without him, the best guy Cleveland’s got is The Miz from the WWE, at least he’s won a Championship in recent memory.  So when that ball dropped and Durant gave that badass mean mug to the National audience, you gotta think LeBron was like “Hmmm … Philly?  LA?  New York?” … man, I pray it’s New York.

Mean muggin’

Personally, I’ve had a rough go of it.  The Knicks are trash.  The Islanders may lose Tavares and the Mets are more embarrassing than both of those teams combined.  I need a reason to care about sports again the same way I did in 2015 when the Mets fooled us into thinking that they’d win the World Series only to rip my fucking heart out of my chest.

So LeBron, I’m begging you.  Just call out sick for Game 4.  Nobody will care.  We all know the deal.  Do the right thing and let the Cavs die a quick death.  Show mercy and while you’re at it, show me mercy and put me out of my misery by entertaining the fact that you’ll come to New York, slap James Dolan in his face and let him know that “I’m the Captain now.”

Look at me, Dolan … look at me.

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