We Need A Power Rangers Sequel – GO! GO! HYPE TRAIN!

I’ve decided that someone needs to start up a Power Ranger sequel hype train.  It’s been over a year since the Power Rangers movie hit the big screen and since then there has been much speculation regarding whether or not the franchise will receive a sequel.  However, apparently the chances of that sequel happening is not as much of a surefire slam dunk as Rangers fans would like.  While it did decent at the box office, grossing $142MM USD, it may not have grossed enough to warrant the second installment.  Now, from a business perspective, I could see why, but as I fan I have no choice by to politely say FUCK. THAT. SHIT.  You’re not gonna give me a post credits scene teasing the best ranger of them all and not give me a follow up.  You don’t just drop the name “Tommy”, get my juices flowing and then leave me hanging like I’m Jason stuck in Goldar’s Dark Dimension from the Green With Evil mini-series.

Ya see, as a kid born in the 80s that grew up in the 90s, the Power Rangers was my jam.  The first episode I saw was “Food Fight” with that giant pig that ate all the weapons and shit.  From there, I was absolutely hooked and a total lifer.  It was like Voltron on steroids and I couldn’t get enough.  I’d make my mother tape it every day at 2:30PM so when I got home from school I could rewind and watch.  I’m pretty sure I have over $2,000 worth of Power Rangers toys in my parent’s attic and those toys have one instruction: to never be thrown out under any circumstance.  That’s my childhood right there.

I also understand that Power Rangers isn’t the most popular superhero franchise in the world.  It’s no secret that Marvel has a death grip on the undisputed superhero movie championship and everything they crank out is money and absolutely crushing the box office.  But there is something about Power Rangers that is just … different.  Maybe it’s the fact that it only resonates with people around my age, but I just can’t describe it.  To me, there’s nothing cooler than morphing and jumping in mechanical robot dinasaurs.  Not even the Marval Comics do it for me like MMPH does.  Think about it, we’re not talking about mutant powers, we’re talking about teenagers with attitude who are gifted badass suits and a black belt in all forms of karate.  In my opinion, there’s nothing more relatable and if done right, the money should roll in as it did back in the mid-90s.

Regarding the “first” movie itself, I thought the first installment was done really well give the fact that I had low expectations.  It kept the perfect balance of campy, yet serious by incorporating real life societal trends like mental health awareness, sexuality and your basic every day growing pains.  It also had some solid throwbacks to the original without beating a dead zord (haha, get it, instead of dead horse) – we got the power rangers music call back, the running of the Zords and even some signature lines like “it’s morphin time” and “make my monster grow!”.  These are all things that I loved (Goldar kinda sucked though) but unfortunately, it’s just bittersweet at the moment not knowing whether or not there is going to be a follow up because in my Ranger mind, we got Lord Zedd, Tommy, Bulk, Skull, different Zords, White Ranger, maybe a Green With Evil reboot all left in the tank … ugh .. the possibilities.

I know I can’t be the only one here.  If you’re reading this, throw it a retweet or a like and let’s get the movement going.  Let’s force their hands.  As is, we know HASBRO made the move to acquire Power Rangers from Saban and that the toy line is straight fire.  I can’t help but think that they want to roll out another movie.

And with that said, if you they do make a new movie all that I ask is to maybe not have the Megazord looks exactly like Optimus Prime?  Seriously, is that too much to ask?

It’s Morphin’ Time.  Bon Voyage, Bro.

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