Todd Bowles Tries Using Belichick Mindset About Mounting Player Arrests…Doesn’t Really Work For That

“We are on to OTAs. Yup, no one was arrested today. That’s in the past. We are on to being criminally bad ON the field not OFF.” Basically what Todd said. He’s “not concerned” and the “disciplinary process is fine.” Huh? Yeah, if you’re the Cincinnati Bengals which is a terrible team to aspire to be. “Maybe if I say nothing and talk football, the arrest stuff will go away…” Also nope. Apathy is the new low.

Jets, Redskins and Bengals might be the most IDGAF franchises in the NFL. They are so numb with their losing ways and being one and out in playoffs, they just gave up on all facets of being a team. Todd, back in 2017, also compared his role to being a kindergarten teacher. Remind me again, how does this dude have a job? Probably because guys like Hue Jackson still have a job, it makes it tougher to argue Todd should be fired. But Jets fans…don’t you want to be better? Demand some god damn change. Because it ain’t working!

Do you think I like the Jets being a “tomato can” in the AFC East? No, I hate to see it. Sort of. But really I love when the division is competitive. Sure the Bills and Dolphins win a game here and there, mostly due to ref controversy or an insanely hot day in Miami for an away game. But the Pats deserve better, the NY Jets and their fans deserve better. Get a coach that fucking cares! Todd Bowles has somehow mastered lingering in the background with no consequences like Marvin Lewis in camouflage. And now you finally have a quarterback. Todd is running out of time and excuses. But Todd not caring about his players breaking the law…come on. Is this the new parenting style for Millenials? Meh, they’re fine. Obviously not, man.

The franchise has never been the same since the Butt Fumble Turkey Day Massacre.

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