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This Weeks “Something to Wrestle With” is Being Delayed Until Friday due to Creative Differences With WWE

So Conrad Thompson, co-host of the VERY popular “Something to Wrestle With” podcast along with wrestling business legend Bruce “Brother Love” Prichard, announced just a bit ago that this weeks episode is dropping on Friday this week instead of its normal day. This is normally no big deal. Podcasts get delayed all the time no matter how big the entity is. Shit happens. This, however is more significant for two main reasons.

The first reason is WHY it was postponed. The show has just recently become part of the WWE Network. This gives us video to go with the audio as well as enhances the product due to a larger budget. The negative tho is that you now have to answer to WWE and deal with them about approval. That’s the issue with this delay. Apparently, WWE decided to edit this weeks episode about ECW, in a way that changed its narrative, according to Conrad in the tweet above. This is significant because it happened so soon after joining, and also because Bruce & Conrad stood up to them. Kudos to them for not backing down. I think it’s safe to say the large majority of fans will be happy to know that these guys truly care about their product. To me, that’s huge. Whether or not you think it’s always good or great or mediocre, the fact that they put their money where their mouths are and stood up for their work is something that most, including myself, really respect. Good for you guys.

The second reason, is because I’m pretty sure they stood their ground and WON. Not exactly an easy thing to do when dealing with the big bad wolf known as the WWE. One thing any fan knows is that WWE does everything in their power to control every single word that is said by anyone associated with the company. So for them to go and edit this show, have the two hosts turn down said edits, and then for the two hosts to actually get what they want in the end, is pretty damn rare in this world. Granted, Bruce isn’t exactly new to this game or dealing with the WWE, but we’ve all seen bigger names get way less results. Kudos to you guys again for standing up to the big bad machine, staring it down like a big match showdown, and coming out on top. Really looking forward to Friday’s episode even more now. ECW ECW ECW

ecw sandman

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