Source (definitely watch the video in here its awesome)

A soldier has been arrested for stealing a military vehicle and taking it on a joyride through the streets of Virginia.

Officers were involved in an unusual chase following reports an armored personnel carrier (APC) was being driven through Richmond at speeds of up to 40mph.

Videos of the vehicle—which police later confirmed was not a tank or equipped with any weaponry—were posted to social media by shocked onlookers.

“This is INSANE! Someone has hijacked a ‘Tank-like’ vehicle from Fort Pickett and just drove it by our apartment! This is on Broad Street in the Fan,” Parker Slaybaugh, communications director for Virginia state House Speaker Kirk Cox, wrote on Twitter.

tank 3

If you think cruising the streets in a god damn tank dominating the city is bad ass gimme a hell yeah! (crowd yells hell yeah) Damn right! I mean if you are gonna send a message of some sort, what better way to do it than just joyriding an actual tank around like a boss. cops chasing this guy full well knowing they can’t stop him. If they tried they get smushed like a cartoon character. Just following, hoping he gets tired, and surrenders peacefully, which he did here. This reminds me of the DX invasion back in the day when they showed up at Nitro to send a message. You know why that angle worked? Because nothing is better at sending a message than a tank that’s why. Now everyone go out there and channel your inner tank and dominate the day WOOOOO!

tank 2

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