You Will Not Watch Anything More Satisfying Today Than This Video

Millenials, am I right? 1000% takes place down South which I love. This would never happen in Massachusetts or there would be a SWAT team, ten lawyers and 100 angry soccer moms that feel offended to come protect this little shit and speak out against the store owner. I have no clue legally if and when the store owner truly crosses a line or breaks a law. I mean it’s his property and business. This prepubescent tool was keying cars, allegedly. The kid is swearing like a sailor getting unreasonably physical and trying to get a reaction out of the store owner and show he’s a tough guy to his friends…ok 1 friend.

I honestly thought the owner was going to knock this kid the hell out. This kid thinking he’s tough and able to push or even somewhat inflict pain on the adult here is hilarious. The store owner must have felt like Thanos with the Infinity gauntlet here. Finally getting the kid in a choke hold and basically choke slamming the kid into the ground is so satisfying. The sound of the smack of the pavement was surprising (no slapping of the leg there guys) and then the UNREAL animalistic crying and wailing from the boy is so cringe worthy but it’s like a bad car accident you can’t help but watch. The boy definitely grew up watching Lebron James with the way he sold the initial injury but then swearing and cussing out all the adults coming to help him was a poor decision on his part. Unfortunately, I can only assume this kid’s home situation is not good and you just feel bad for him. But lesson learned…don’t be an asshole. Respect your elders and other people’s property. End of story.

Imagine the horror from the adults if the plot twist happened where the kid knocked out the store owner? Total swerve and the kid does rule that town. Turns out, nope he was a baby bitch who got his.

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