Pro Wrestling

VICTORY!!!!! Chick Magnet Punk & Colt Cabana victorious in court against WWE Doctor Chris Amann


So today, WWE took a pretty solid L in the courts in a lawsuit against one of my personal faves and the man who helped re-ignite my love for wrasslin in CM Punk, and indie darling / current ROH commentator Colt Cabana, about comments made on a 2014 episode of Colt Cabana’s podcast. The reason I say WWE is because we all know who funded Dr Amann and who’s footing the bill here. Let’s start with the statement that the doc had a problem with.

After the European tour, the whole European tour I’m dry heaving after every match … I’m on all fours after every match and I’m either puking for real or I’m just dry heaving because I don’t having anything in my stomach. I have no appetite. I don’t know what is up and what is down. I can’t sleep, I can’t [expletive] train. Doc—Doc is giving me—Doc’s like, ‘Oh you’re sick, here’s a ZPak.’ They Z-Pakked me to death, so much that in December I [defecated] my pants on a SmackDown because that’s what antibiotics do to you, right?


That’s what Punk said on the podcast. This is the meat & potatoes of the whole case. Furthermore, Dr Amann claimed emotional and monetary distress, while having never seen a therapist, never missing work, averaging 8 hours of sleep a night, and not having any way of proving this cost him any money or any lost wages. Are. You. KIDDING ME?!?

How in the good lords name are you gonna go to court, make these claims, and have absolutely zero evidence to back them up? How does that make sense in any way? I gotta be honest, I’m real disappointed in Vince the most here, and that dude is one of my all time heroes in life. You mean to tell me, that Vincent Kennedy McMahon, even with his spite towards Punk for how it ended, saw all of this, and thought, in his majestic grumble voice, that there was a case here? CMON MAN YOU’RE VINNY MAC YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS DAMMIT.

Anyways, glad to see Punk and Colt victorious here. No way they deserved this headache never mind having to pay a dime to this guy with his frivolous lawsuit. Now all Punk has to do is win this weekend at UFC 225, get in the ring at All In, and then return to the WWE and all will be right with the world again.

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