New Transformers Spin-Off Bumblebee Drops Trailer…And It Stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena? K.

Where does it end, guys? Who is seriously still going to see the Transformers movies after the second one? Talk about MILKING a franchise. What are there 5 or 6? Now spinoffs? Fast and Furious is on like 10 and getting spin-offs but those are still hitting decent box office numbers. Are these? I don’t even know but my money is on eh probably not.

Last night the trailer was dropped for BumbleBee which is a spinoff of the Transformers franchise featuring the lovable, quirky and comical yellow vehicle alien himself. The trailer though, well there’s a lot of questions.

-Is John Cena…a villain? When I saw who was in it, before I watched the trailer, I assumed John would be playing Haylee’s loving, strong, inspiring father which would be the typical approach. He’s playing Agent Burns in the US Military Special Forces and one can only assume they either want to destroy BumbleBee or dissect him and keep him for themselves to duplicate his technology. Sorry that was nerdy analysis but you got to assume that’s the case. My money is on him being an adversary only to turn around and be on BumbleBee’s side when Barricade and possibly other Decepticons show up and ruin the picnic.

-John will 1000% put BumbleBee over. But can anyone see John? Lots to ponder.

-Did John have an affair with Hailee? Or BumbleBee? Is that why he temporarily worked a split with Nikki?

-Hailee Steinfeld? Okay, fine as long as she doesn’t turn into female Shia Labeouf in real life, should be fine. She was great in her debut in True Grit but ever since she’s been zeroing in on the teen movie roles (Pitch Perfect, Edge of Seventeen) so this makes sense for her.

-The one major thing that weirds me out and hey I may be completely wrong. Is this a fucking LOVE story??? At first it seems just like “I am best friends with a car with limbs” sort of vibe but there’s a couple scenes in that trailer that give me a Shape of Water vibe. You know what I’m saying? Is 2018 going to be the year women in movies had sex with a fish and a car? Breaking down ALL boundaries! What a time to be alive!

-I can only assume that Hailee’s character dies? Is this not looped into the same universe as the other Transformers movies? If not, then fine, her character probably won’t be killed off.

-If this does precede the other Transformers movies…why does BumbleBee have cooler gear and technology here? Unless this is like an alternate universe or Earth like I said before.

-1000 bucks says BumbleBee defends Hailee’s character against a school bully and embarrasses said bully. Just a gut feeling, guys.

-Why can’t we just leave these spinoffs alone? Did anyone REALLY want to find out BumbleBee’s origin? Is he a heartthrob? Am I missing the boat here? Maybe just leave it alone because hey the first Transformers movie was pretty good, I think we got the gist of their existence once it was explained in 5 movies.

-Is BumbleBee just 2018 Herbie Fully FULLY loaded? Is this new age Love Bug?

The age of the spin-off movies is just beginning, folks. Let’s just do an origin story about the beginning of time. Then that will get an origin story. FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.

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