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UFC 225: CM Punk Is Fighting This Saturday And His Opponent Said He’s Gonna Kill CM Punk, The “Character”!

Yea so, in case you forgot, CM Punk is a mixed martial artist and he has a UFC fight this Saturday at UFC 225 against some dude named Mike Jackson.   First off, let me tell you right now that I’m rooting big time for CM Punk.   I’m a pro wrestling guy and when one of ours is putting it all on the line and taking a chance, you gotta support it.   Some people will say that losing gets him back into wrestling sooner, but honestly, I don’t think it matters.  He’ll be back.  They all come back.  (PLEASE COME BACK, THIS SHIT IS SO BAD RIGHT NOW).

One person who is NOT rooting for CM Punk however is Mike Jackson, CM Punk’s opponent.  Being someone who doesn’t know a ton about the MMA world, I did what anyone else would do in terms of prep for the fight, which was watching a lot of YouTube videos after searching “CM Punk UFC 225”.   Apparently, this Mike Jackson dude STINKS and is more concerned with building his entertainment brand, “The Truth” than actual mixed martial arts.   How do I know this?  Well, because Forrest Griffin said so in an interview.  He said that he thinks Punk is gonna get the win because he’s been training hard and this Jackson guy has no idea what he’s doing.  That’s good enough for me.

The counterargument to that is that Mike Jackson doesn’t have any interest in actually fighting CM Punk … say what?  Yep, you heard me right.  It seems as though that Jackson has a big problem with CM Punk using his “wrestling” name.

As far as he’s concerned, he’s fighting Phil Brooks, because “that’s what his mama call him“.   He went as far to say that this fight is basically booked by Vince McMahon because he’s going to literally kill CM Punk, the character and Phil Brooks, the man will be all that’s left.  Based off that, you gotta think this guy has followed wrestling because this is eerily similar to the legend of Vince McMahon saying that when his limo was blown up on WWE television (with him in it), that it wasn’t Vince McMahon that died, but it was actually “Mr. McMahon“, the character that died.

Like I said, I’m no MMA expert, but I do know that CM Punk is a man of pride and he definitely doesn’t take kind to someone saying that he’s gonna wipe out his life’s work.  Also, I’d encourage Mr. Jackson to get on his hands and knees and thank Punk for getting him a spot on a UFC Card, because without that name fella, nobody would know who the fuck you are.  I mean, damn, at least Punk fought a beast like Mickey Gall, who was a decade younger and 10x more talented than him and got choked out.  That shit takes balls, especially when you got money and reputation and don’t need to be getting your ass kicked on National TV. As for you, I don’t even know who you lost to and is doing you no favors …


Woof, that’s a hell of a boxscore.

Lastly dude, the last group of people you want to piss off are wrestling fans.  You’re talking about the biggest collection of bro-nerds ever.  If there’s one thing all of us want is for CM Punk, the man, the character, the whatever to return to the WWE, so if you really have plans on killing off that guy so he can’t even come back to the WWE, well I’d advise against it.  In fact, if you really wanted to put yourself on the map, you make this fight into a “work” on the fly and when Punk grabs hold of your head 5 seconds in.  Just simply whisper in his ear “drop down, leap frog, GTS and go home, brother!”

Then … you’ll be over.  Trust me.

Bon Voyage, Bro!

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