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This 11 Year Old Who Stopped a Car Theft is Gonna Grow up to be a Bad Ass Dude no Doubt About it


An 11-year-old boy fought a Hartford man who stole his father’s vehicle while he was inside, ultimately causing the man to run off and leading to his capture and arrest, police said.

The boy was not injured. Edward Asberry, 43, of Baltimore Street in Hartford, was charged with second-degree kidnapping, first-degree larceny and risk of injury to a minor.

Police responded to a report of a kidnapping at the McDonald’s restaurant on Albany Avenue about 8:20 a.m. Saturday.

The father of the boy had left the vehicle running, with the child inside, when a man, later identified as Asberry, got into it and drove off, police said After realizing the man was not his father, the boy attacked Asberry, police said.

Asberry eventually ran off with a backpack from the car but was caught by officers at the intersection of Garden and Mather streets, police said.

The vehicle and the backpack were returned to the owner, police said.

It’s quite popular these days to have zero faith in the youth of this great nation since everyone has become soft as silk. To be honest I get it. Nowadays everything is considered some sort of grave social injustice so everyone just kinda walks around on eggshells to avoid the headaches. Not our hero though. No way no how.

This 11 year old says social constructs be damned! You wanna mess with him and his daddy’s ride, then you better be ready FOR THE PAIN! Oh, you’re a 43 year old career loser? Well, hold this happy meal and GET THESE HANDS! seriously, they should shuffle this kid in for Nicholas and have him and Strowman go on a run with the tag titles. Kid has the cred now with the smarks & marks alike. Vince will never listen tho smdh.



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