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Cassius Marsh is a HUGE Beta Boy & There’s Really no Other Way to Put it

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So this story has been going around the world of sports for about a week now, and I think it’s safe to now pick sides here since we have the lion’s share of the info.

To summarize, Mr. Marsh, who just signed with the 49ers, was bitching and moaning publicly that playing in New England is no fun, they didn’t use him correctly, not enough snaps, etc etc. Basically, saying the pats & BB are assholes and run more of a cult than a football team and it’s not his fault all this didn’t work out. Up until today, he conveniently left out the part about the halftime tirade during the pats -raiders game in mexico last season, where he decided to toss a gatorade jug in the locker room and throw a hissy fit. He instead worded it as “I asked to be cut without actually asking”.

My thoughts on this, and keep in mind that I despise any and everything that has to do with Bill & the pats, is that Cassius Marsh is arguably the second biggest beta boy bitch to ever put the pads on. Second only to Jonathan Martin, who’s story you should know. I can’t for the life of me understand how you can, as an NFL football player, cry about it not being fun. Newsflash Cassius: WINNING IS MORE FUCKING FUN THAN ANYTHING YOU SOPPING WET VAGINA!!!!!! I seriously wanted to throw up when I read that part initially, and I’m even more sick over it. You’re not having fun? Lemme tell you something pal, as someone who is older than you when I played we didn’t play for fun. We played to win. Winning is the most fun thing in the world. Not stats. Not snaps. WINNING.

As much as I hate the pats, they win. They consistently win in a league that has tried to design their ways to enhance parity and variety on who is successful. Year in and year out it’s “the end of the dynasty” yet here we are in 2018 and I still don’t see a true end in site. So yeah. If you’d rather have fun than win, you don’t belong in NE and quite frankly, you don’t deserve an NFL paycheck. Cassius, you are one huge beta boy bitch.

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