The Wilpons Should Be Sent To Jail For How Pathetic The Mets Franchise Is

I don’t want to hear a word from any delusional Mets fans out there.  Do not feed me “the players have to play”.  Do not tell me that “we’ve had injuries”.   I’m over it.   If you are one of these people, you are wrong, I am right and you have no leg to stand on.

ONLY the Mets can strike out 24 and fall below .500 simultaneously.  Only the Mets can have the best start in Franchise history and piss it all away just as fast.  Only.  The.  Mets.

DeGrom.  Thor.  Matz.  Wheeler.  Pretty much anyone good.  Whoever, it doesn’t matter, they all will leave this complete utter disgrace of an organization.  It’ll be like having a girl you’re still in love with breakup with you.  You want her in your life, but you know she’s better off without you because you can’t give her what she deserves.  You only wish for her happiness.  Make no mistake about it, that’s the reality of the Mets franchise and there is NO ONE else to blame but the Wilpons.

This is ownership.  These cheap fucks exemplify a loser’s mentality.  I don’t blame the players.  They’re not setup to succeed.  For the many of us out there that work regular 9-5 jobs, you know that if you’re understaffed or have bottom of the barrel talent that productivity will remain low.  It doesn’t matter whatever hoopla nonsense you’re fed.  You can get as many pep talks in the world, as much training you could possibly need, but the bottom line is that talent is talent and without it, you’re fooling yourself.

The Wilpons REFUSE to win.  In my opinion, they’re worse than fucking James Dolan.   They’re worse than the Woody Johnson.  They are the worst owners in the metro area and possibly ALL of sports.  At least Dolan and Johnson will spend money.  Do they spent it pathetically?  Of course they do, but I’ll never knock them for that.  The Wilpons legit will just not even “try”.  That’s the state of the Mets.  They’re literally a franchise that knowingly tries to put fans in the seats to watch a sub-par, ill prepared product.

Folks, when you employ players like Buddy Baumann and Gerson Bautista what the fuck do you think is gonna happen?  Do you really think we’re going to win games?  Do those guys sound like players on a competing team?  The answer is no, they don’t.  They sound like guys you haven’t heard of because well, before the season, YOU HADN’T HEARD OF THEM.

You know you loves the Mets?  Players that stink, because they know that by being a part of this miserable franchise will give them a chance at seeing the majors one day … oh, and did I mention the Yankees are 20 games over .500?  So strange, right?  Young players, good drafting and trading for one of the best hitters in the game will lead to actual success.  WHAT A CONCEPT …. fuck the Wilpons.  FUCK THEM.

Just think about how disrespectful the Wilpons are.  You are blessed with guys like Thor and DeGrom, who almost every start go out there and dominate.  Two dudes who legit put you in a position to win EVERY SINGLE TIME.  It’s hard to believe that you can have guys like that but find a way to drop 8 of 10 and 5 straight at home and if you didn’t think it could get worse, you’d be wrong, because this is the Mets we’re talking about and Jason Vargas is due to take the mound today.

What could possibly go wrong?

Boycott this fucking team.  Don’t go to the games.  Don’t buy a ticket.  Don’t support a damn thing.  They don’t deserve it.


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