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This May Sound Dumb But WWE Needs an IC/US Title Shot MITB

This could possibly be an asinine take if not a waste of time. BUT, the WWE needs to have their PPVs live up to their names. It’s Money in the Bank and there’s only one Men’s match? I know this hasn’t been done in the past but Vince, Hunter…guys, you have a gaggle full of dudes who could put on a show still if given the chance. Combine that with the recent emphasis to highlight the importance of the respective US and Intercontinental titles and you got something, baby.

Rich made a very good point that the most acrobatic, high-flying and entertaining match of MITB weekend might just be King Ricochet and Velveteen Dream which I could not agree with more. I am salivating thinking of the spots. However, there’s so many dudes who could flourish in a Ladder match and possibly outshine even the MITB for the WWE/Universal titles.

There’s Shelton Benjamin. I don’t have to say much here other than the fact that the guy is a freak of nature and athleticism. Also, they are doing NOTHING with him right now. Look at the crazy beautiful moments the guy has put together for MITB in the past:

WHERE IS HE? Probably already planning out spots just in case. With that said, how about Chad Gable. Sure, throw him in! Andrade Almas. Apollo Crews. Dolph Ziggler. ELIAS. Hey even Killian Dain. Neville. Hell even No Way Jose. Sin Cara. Baron Corbin. I could go on and on. There’s plenty of talent there, plenty willing to perform the high, dangerous spots. It doesn’t matter if 80% of them you don’t want to see as a potential IC or US champ, only one needs to win i.e. Elias, Shelton, Gable, etc. Bring up some NXT guys for it. It would be a fun spot to fill in the mid card and increase the importance to the titles Rollins and Jeff Hardy currently hold.

But hey, just a thought, Vinny Mac. Feel free to ruin MITB with Jinder vs Roman and Zayn vs Lashley with complete poop buildup like a bad septic. Use your guys, give them 15-20 minutes. Or maybe I just sound like a complete boob and this is all bad for the brand…or good.

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