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Ricochet Vs. Velveteen Dream is Going to Steal The MITB Weekend

So last night I took it easy and caught up on some things, including NXT. So they have been building a nice little storyline between The Velveteen Dream, who is an IMMENSE all around talent on his way to a very bright future, and Ricochet, a new signee to NXT who comes with an extremely impressive body of work as it is. This all started with the ladder match for the North American Title at Takeover: New Orleans. The two squared off and shared some pretty cool spots like this one

velveteen ricochet 1

So over the past few weeks we have seen them square off in the ring, only to be interrupted by the monster that is Lars Sullivan, to teaming up in a 2 on 1 match vs Lars, to the Dream obviously, but also correctly in order to advance the storyline, turning on Ricochet.

ricochet velveteen 2

So that leads to this weeks episode, where after another impressive showing in ring from Ricochet, he calls out dream. Here is the footage of the segment, which was great since both these guys are amazing talents. The Velveteen Dream might be the best guy on the mic down there and we all know how amazing Ricochet is as an athlete.

So this bad boy has been built up to a point where my expectations are through the roof. NXT Takeover: Chicago is going to continue the tradition of outshining the main rosters big show on Sunday, just like it has every time for the last 3 years.
ricochet velveteen 3

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