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Throwback To Butterbean Knocking Bart Gunn’s Soul Out Of His Body

One of the beauties of the WWE Network is that you never know where you’re gonna end up.  For some reason last night I found myself watching the old “Brawl For All” fights, which in my opinion, is the perfect throwback.  I mean, make no mistake about it, the quality of the fighting is terrible, but it’s also got that car crash feel to it.  You just can’t look away.  To quote Bobby Roode, it was simply “Glorious!” and needless to say,  Brawl For All was NOT good for the WWE’s brand, but it was for damn sure entertaining.

Dude after dude would get straight up ROCKED in the face.  We’re talking put CTE on the map type stuff.  Mr. Miyagi would be rolling over in his grave if he saw such poor defense.  Wax On, Wax Off  and Paint The Fence were no where to be found.  There was zero cardio and most guys were gassed after the 1st round.  What’s crazy about this concept is that Ken Shamrock was actually in the WWF at the time, so someone could have legit died during this atrocity of a competition.  Luckily for the other participants he declined to compete as not only would it be insulting to him, but as I previously alluded to, he probably would have legit taken someone’s soul and killed them in the process.   If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Shamrock would have no problem going f’n Shao Khan from Mortal Combat on this motherfuckers.  YOUR SOUL IS MINE!

Which leads me to the point of this blog.  During “Brawl For All”, Bart Gunn, who was a tag team wrestler, started knocking dudes out. He made it to the finals, which unfortunately also came with the prize of somehow getting paired to fight … BUTTERBEAN, who is for all intent and purpose, ONE BAD DUDE.  From the look, the skill, to the knockout power, Butterbean was no joke.  He out weighed Bart and out classed him, which lead to the most RIDICULOUS KNOCKOUT OF ALL TIME.

I’m going to explain how this knockout came about by citing the hammerdick movie “The Prestige”, where Michael Caine explained to us that every magic trick has 3 Parts, The Pledge, The Turn and The Prestige.  And to be clear, I’m calling this knockout a magic trick because quite frankly, there’s no way Bart Gunn didn’t die here for at least 3 seconds before coming back to life, making him the most savage unintentional magician of all time.  So let’s break it down …

THE PLEDGE is where the magician,  in this case, Bart Gunn, shows you something ordinary. He lets you inspect it and take it in so that the audience can determine it’s actually real, like for example, a fighter appearing confident …


Next is THE TURN, where the magician takes something ordinary and makes it extraordinary … like getting up from a potential knockout blow from a pro fighter who outweighs you by 150lbs …


Then finally, THE PRESTIGE … because making something disappear isn’t enough.  You need to bring it back.  You need to make the trick worth while for the audience …

Abra- ca – FUCKING – dabra … and he’s dead, NOT SO BAD FOR BRAND ARE YA, BART!  I mean, you can literally see his soul leaving his body like it’s the movie Ghost, except Bart Gunn is no Patrick Swayze.

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