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Why Samoa Joe Needs to Win The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Highlights of last night’s triple threat match

I haven’t written a wrestling piece in a little bit now, and Dan’s post about Big E & The New Day got the ol’ grapplin juices flowing this morning, so here we go. Before we begin, this is not to discredit Dan’s view on who should win. Quite frankly, his idea makes a ton of sense, but so does this one.

So last night on Smackdown, we found out who the last participant was going to be in this years Money in the Bank ladder match, which carries a prize of a briefcase containing a contract for your brand’s top title at any time. This is usually a nice springboard for guys to get to the next level so to speak, so Dan’s plan of having Big E be New Day rep makes a ton of sense, since he has the tools to succeed as a top guy and is already a fan favorite. He would no doubt be a great babyface champion right out of the gate.

So the winner of the triple threat match last night between Big Cass (who, even though looking like he needs a ton of work with his character and in the ring, has been generating heat like Jinder. That really hate filled heat. So its working but needs a lot of work) & Daniel Bryan (the biggest natural babyface in the company) was none other than the third participant, the REAL Samoan beast of the company, Samoa Joe. He not only won, but he did it with his signature submission, the coquina clutch, and locked it in so tight & brutally that he made DB pass out cold. So now that we got the backstory, here’s why I believe Samoa Joe should be booked to win the 2018 MITB ladder match.

Joe’s career throughout pro wrestling has been nothing short of legendary. Whether it be his time in ROH, Impact, Pro Wrestling NOAH, or any other promotion out there, Joe was always a top guy. So a few years ago Joe comes to NXT, the developmental arm of the WWE, and also shines. Mind you, at this point, and really even during his tenure there, NXT was arguably a bigger brand than anywhere Joe had been before, yet he still shined bright as always, eventually becoming the NXT champ. He gets called up to the big time, and after some bumps in the road due to injuries, Joe is finally back on track. He’s healthy, he’s devastating on the mic, and he’s brutally violent & tough in the ring. He is pretty much the perfect heel. If you’re like me and LIVE for a good heel, Joe is in your top 3-4 guys in the company right now on the heel side. He’s also somehow, due to his great mic work, poise, and style in ring, has maintained this level of fear & toughness in his character, even though he hasn’t been booked to win much at all. Now is the time to change that.

Here’s how I see it currently. You can’t book Strowman to win this because he will get his shot by simply dominating his way back into the Universal Title picture. That’s the best way to build a monster. Make him inflict pain all match but no win. Finn Balor technically has a shot at it already since he never actually lost the belt. Miz needs to go the direction of a feud with Daniel Bryan, since there is unfinished business there. Owens, who is my personal favorite right now, is more aligned to feud with Sami Zayn again, and possibly be involved in the Sami-Lashley storyline since Lashley isn’t going to entertain us with his mic work anytime soon, and would be a great way to have Owens & Zayn split up again. Bobby Roode, who was used PERFECTLY in NXT, has been lackluster at best on the main roster, due to the fact that creative has made him a babyface when he plays a Ted DiBiase rich guy heel role to perfection. Don’t waste it on Bobby until there’s a character change. This leaves us 3 choices. Big E (because as Dan said & I agree, that’s who should be the new day rep), Rusev, & Joe.

Dan made a solid case for Big E so we will leave it at that. Go read his post because if that’s the choice, then that’s how it should go. Rusev, who is SUPER over right now, is honestly a solid choice in his own right. If you book him to win, you also gotta book Lana to win since the best way to sell this is with them each helping the other get the briefcase, and there is no way that’s happening, mainly because they can’t have a man interfere in the women’s match 2 years in a row to lead to the winner. Not with the way they are currently building the women’s roster. That leaves Joe. A man who is supposed to be feared, sadistic, tough, & strong. A man who is being groomed to be the top heel of this company. A man with a resume’ that speaks for itself. A man who is ready to add to that fear by holding the 24-7-365 title shot that no champion wants hanging over their head. Vince, if you wanna do right by a top talent that REALLY deserves it, book Samoa Joe to win this thing.


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