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Today in ” What a NERD” news, Some Old Lady Did a Headstand in All 50 States


This is sooooooo lame. SOOOOOOOOO lame. We get it lady. You like yoga. Hell, I don’t mind yoga either. Shit is relaxing as fuck. Serene calming music. Nice studio. quiet. Usually a very nice young lady leading the way in everyone’s favorite article of clothing: yoga pants. You know what ruins it just like they ruin everything else? Loser ass try-hards like this 74 year old upside down dork.

This lady is doing to yoga what countless dipshits did to crossfit. She’s trying to adapt the main rule of crossfit, the one where you have to make sure anyone who has ever made contact with you knows you do crossfit, apart of the yoga game, and I’m not feeling it. Nope. Not one bit. You know what I am feeling though? a gallery of yoga pants pics. ENJOY!!!!!



yoga 5

yoga 3

yoga 9

yoga 6

yoga 8

yoga 10

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