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The Best Course Of Action For New Day…Don’t Screw It Up, Vince!

I tuned into Smackdown last night as many fans did and saw a handful of very good matches. One of which that almost stole the show: The Bar and Miz vs The New Day. The six man tag match was a departure from the stale, overdone six man tags we have seen in recent weeks and months. If there was a three man tag division, New Day would be champs but The Bar and Miz would be a close second. They all put on a fucking SHOW.

One thing people have been rumbling about on the interwebs and I agree with it 110% is Big E at some point going on his own way for a singles push and eventual run with the WWE title. Big E has the mic skills. He has the look being a massive behemoth with athleticism. He can wrestle. He checks the boxes. There were moments in last night’s six man tag match where I was convinced Big E was already “THE guy.” His stare down with The Miz. His one on one battle with Cesaro.


How he can engage the fans at any moment. The finish. Real quick, isn’t it fitting to change The Big Ending to The Pancake? Eh, I guess that goes against my argument here so Big Ending it is! We all know the ending to the match is predetermined but the way Big E showed an excitement and intensity after he pinned Miz was something we don’t see all that often. Big E looked like he WANTED to win. Most wrestlers when they get the pin nowadays either show little emotion (cocky heel or way over heel) or they immediately sell some injury from during the match and/or just smile and raise their hand. Big E looked AMPED. Sell the win, guys. Make people believe it’s more than just the predetermined ending.


Big E and Cesaro also gave a possible preview what a singles campaign would look like between the two of them. And I am not against it. Both have unreal Herculean strength. Both have patented, signature moves that the crowd loves. But what about Xavier and Kofi? Keep them as a tag team! The storyline is there. They can still hang around to support Big E when needed when the numbers game is against him. The motivation in that path is there too. The rest of the tag division and the locker room will doubt The New Day once their enforcer goes on his own way. To me, New Day was created originally to groom Woods to a point that this tag team could survive on their own. Xavier, in the beginning, was more of a manager or mouth piece and then grew into a thrilling in-ring guy. That was the second element to this tag match that made me believe it’s time for Big E to make the single title run(s): Xavier is lightning in a bottle. He is a human cheat code. Between him and Kofi, the high flying and acrobatic moments are breathtaking at times like Xavier’s Springboard Flip Suicide Dive off the back of a downed Sheamus over the top rope and on to Cesaro on the outside. Kofi meanwhile is throwing his body from the rafters every two minutes.


Please have Big E represent New Day in the Money in the Bank match. If you want to give Big E a big push, this is the moment. A win against this caliber of opponents will put him over (he doesn’t really NEED the validity) without him pinning the gauntlet of top dogs. Kofi and Xavier can still provide high, daredevil spots in the match where needed. Future assistance from Xavier and Kofi can also add a wrinkle to his storyline that he can’t win matches without their help which will, in turn, force him to ask them to let him do this on his own. But hey, I am a dope, so Samoa Joe or Rusev will probably win, IDK! I just know Big E is ready and won’t disappoint. THE TIME IS NOW VINNY MAC! Don’t you dare say no chance in hell.


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