Nobody Has Embraced Their Brand Like Crystal Methvin


WASHINGTON (Circa) — Crystal Methvin and Douglas Nickerson have been arrested in St. Augustine, Fla. after the pair was allegedly in possession of drugs.

News 4 Jax reports an anonymous call was made to police which led to Methvin and Nickerson’s arrests.

When police responded to the scene, they found three people sitting in a car.

They consented to a search by police which led to the officers finding drug paraphernalia.

Police also found a substance that tested positive for crystal meth.

WTF Florida reports Methvin has previously faced 15 other drug charges including possession of a controlled substance without prescription.

Nothing better for your brand than having a fitting name. Like if you were named Dick Hardwell in real life, you gotta get involved in porn. If your name was Johnny Ribeye, you gotta be a butcher. This means that Crystal Methvin really only had one path in life. A path that has lead to 15 previous drug charges. A path that lead to a REALLY rough mugshot. A path that has probably lead to one hell of a roller coaster of ups & downs. that is the path you take with a name like Crystal Methvin, and bah gawd she took that path all the way. Now please enjoy this lovely mugshot of a woman who has truly embraced the brand she was given



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