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Nia Jax Starts “Be A Bully, Not A Star” Campaign, Thus Confusing Everyone

I’m a day late, but I just had to thrown down some words on the whole “bullied Nia” approach that has been thrown in the dumpster along with Terry Funk and Cactus Jack.  Such a shame, because it was really believable and inspiring … said no one ever.

I’m almost happy that this Big Show-esque heel turn happened so quickly.  First off, it makes a complete mockery of what was a forced agenda by WWE to ensure that the “appropriate” social message was pushed during WrestleMania, which is when all corporate sponsors and investors have their eyes firmly on the product.  Now that WrestleMania has passed and no one gives a shit, even the creative team, Vince and company can now get back to their regularly scheduled programming.

If I’m being honest, the best part about all of this is that Alexa Bliss was right all along!  Nia was the bully.  She manipulated young girls everywhere to root for her and support her in her quest to steal the WWE Women’s Championship from poor little Alexa.  Kinda fucked up if you ask me.

Now Nia has turned her sights to none other than the WWE’s hottest entity, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousy.  I sat there baffled as Nia squashed an enhancement talent and then straight up just shit on Rousy to her face, taunting her, claiming that she won’t be able to slap on the arm bar.   Rousy cut a promo with her face, saying nothing, but looking as if she was trying to solve some intense calculus.  I was even more baffled by the fact that the WWE allowed her to have a mic in her hand for that long because her promo may have been the only thing to overshadow Enzo’s horrendous new rap song in terms of cringe.   If I’m Enzo, I’m sending Nia a check ASAP as a thank you.

Here’s the promo:

Nia Jax: Be A Bully, Not A Star



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