Bryan Colangelo Is Not Very Sneaky And Is BurnerAccountGate Just The Beginning?

So if you missed it, The Ringer put out a mind-blowing, wild expose on Philadelphia 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo and how he has been wielding 5 burner accounts on Twitter. First off, five? Seems a bit low, I would respect it more if it was say 10-20 but yeah five. But not only that, the burner accounts were used to mask flaws and questions by the media about 76ers’ personnel decisions, criticize Fultz and Embiid, release private info about personnel moves and release HIPAA protected medical information about Okafor. Oh shit, man. Went a little overboard.

At first, it looks like Colangelo has the skin of paper mache and is insecure about all the 76ers mentions which rip on the handling of Embiid, Fultz, Noel, and Okafor. But turns out, it was more elaborate and more constructed than the surface tells us. First off, who the fuck says “I bet the farm” today? Yes, our dads do. So Bryan, first dead giveaway you’re tweeting out like most of the AARP would. Not to mention Bryan getting super defensive of people teasing about Colangelo’s shirt collars. Just leave it man, don’t take the bait!


Also, the handle names were LOL funny. Enoughunknownsources, No Name and Eric Jr., even Still Balling. Come on, dude. The actual handle accounts looked like they were auto-generated accounts with random letters and numbers. The activity also only last for a limited amount of time on each and all went back attached by following the other accounts. Again, Bryan, THINK. I mean when I was worried about my dad being on Twitter, I was afraid he would text private convos as tweets or yell at my mother that the J key is missing. He does that all the time with his computer keyboard; he legit yells at letters and characters for missing from his line of sight on the keyboard. Bryan is somewhat more advanced but still has his flaws.

With how comically Bryan created the burner accounts, it’s equally how comical the lengths he went to for creating supporting cast burner accounts that were “non-basketball.” But a detective could still connect the naming conventions back to places and people related to Colangelo. Kind of bizarre how I am even typing about this story. Such a weird thing. I would expect this from Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder, possibly even Jim Irsay but this dude? He also then throws Hinkie under the bus for his own leaking to blogs. Woah!

Image result for the office standoff gif

Colangelo ripped on Hinkie even after he left and gave a 13 page resignation letter. He credited himself under a burner account for keeping it all together. WILD. I have no clue why a man in this position would care THIS much about what the media thinks or fans think about decisions. If you’re a sports team GM or owner, just don’t go on Twitter or any social media. That’s what an intern or assistant is for. Bryan became victim to the abysmal rabbit hole that is the internet. This all does make you wonder though: how many other GMs, owners, coaches or even players are doing this? I would not be shocked if this is the tip of the iceberg. And I hope I am right because I am sitting back and eating popcorn. And even better, possibly? Adam Silver being the puppet master behind it all.

Image result for laughing adam silver gif


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