Tatum Cost The Celtics Game 7 By Posterizing LeBron … You Don’t Embarrass The King

It was really cool when it happened, but make no mistake about it, once this dunk was thrown down in LeBron’s face that game was a wrap.  You simply do not disrespect the King like that.  If you’re gonna do it, you better go all the way.  No half measures.  If you’re Jayson Tatum, you better go full blown Scar in the Lion King and (SPOILER) kill Mufasa.  Leave him lying and trampled by a stampede.

And that’s a wrap.  Right there it was over.  You don’t go bumping the King in his chest and expect him not to retaliate in the form of lock down defense and ferocious offense.

After that play, things went down hill for the Celtics.  LeBron, fresh off a 5 second recovery of his ACL tear in Game 6 went on to simply dominate the Celtics.  He knocked down a key three and he smelled blood shortly after.  He wouldn’t be denied.  If he wasn’t scoring, he was a passing.  If he wasn’t passing, he was blocking shots.  Simply put, he was everywhere.

Here’s the thing, the Celtics had a better “team” even without their two best players out, but the bottom line is that when you have the Greatest Player In The World, you have the advantage.  I’ll take LeBron in that scenario every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I know he’s easy to hate, he’s tone deaf, his interviews are secretly/but not so secretly self-serving, but you need to look past it and just realize greatness.

With all that said, if I’m LeBron I’m praying the Rockets pull this out, because if they don’t, I smell a sweep.  There’s simply too many dudes to cover on Golden State.

Even Superman can’t be everywhere.



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