LeBron Almost Loses Leg, Recovers In 5 Seconds, Cavs Force Game 7.


LeBron James did it again.  I mean seriously, how many times can someone suffer a life threatening injury in a game, seemingly not be able to walk and then recover from what appeared to me to be an ACL/Broken Leg/Torn Hamstring … maybe all of the three?  Listen, I’ve played enough Fantasy Football and follow @ProFootballDoc on Twitter to know that when a player goes down like that, it’s legit.  I can diagnose that shit from a mile away.  And while Football players tend to end their season on the spot, LeBron James seems to have the ability to defy the odds and almost become … dare I say … stronger?

Seriously though, the guy couldn’t walk and then next thing you know he’s driving to the lane like he’s a fucking Avenger sprinting toward Thanos’ army.   And then he did this … all on what was probably at the minimum, a meniscus tear.


Truly unbelievable and inspiring.  LeBron has taken this dog shit Cavs team and is one win away from making it to the NBA Finals …. again.  All the while players like Irving, Paul and Love will miss their respective games due to injury.  LeBron will be there, on the front line, ready to be the 3rd certainty in life … Death, taxes and LeBron James in the NBA Finals.

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