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Twittah has been taken ovuh by da numbah one man in sports radio ughkayy

*Swigs Diet Coke* *Adjusts Mic*

mike zaun

As a naitive New Yorker, there are a lot of things that we love / have a deep appreciation for that some people just don’t understand unless they are from here or have some serious ties to here. For instance, pizza. People across this great nation have zero clue how truly wonderful pizza really is because in their neck of the woods Dominos is considered gourmet. A naitive new Yorker wouldn’t touch that shit without being three sheets to the wind hammered. Or tall buildings. Newsflash, rest of America, but your buildings are trash town. We run the big building game in this here land so get lawst. Speaking of getting lawst….


One of the things we’ve always had the luxury of is having great radio. NY is the largest radio market in the country, so we always have the best of the best. We got the best years of Stern. We got oldies legends like cousin brucie & brooklyn’s own joe causey. Scott Hamilton, Elvis Duran & the Z morning Zoo, Funk Flex, DJ Clue, and a myriad of other legendary DJs. We were also the first place to have 24-7 sports talk radio, with the birth of WFAN. This birth led to the birth of the greatest radio personality in the history of sports.


I couldn’t just put his name in that paragraph because I’m a YUGE fan of this man, ughkay. Hearing him and his former partner in crime, the Mad Dog Chris Russo, destroy ridiculous callers, argue about the simplest things, praise their favorite teams with zero regard for the old standard of never showing a rooting interest as a pro, and a myriad of other things were fond memories of my childhood. When I got older and was on the road a lot for work, his voice was what helped me chill out & disconnect a bit, even though he was screaming half the time. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the living legend, the numbah one rated man in the afternoon drive for 30 yeers, the king of sports talk radio, the freshly un-retired Mike Francesa.


One of the great things about Mike is that he’s sooooo old school. For a guy who has a large fanbase of guys my age, its absolutely incredible how little he knows about modern tech & social media. Until now that is, since with his comeback, he’s coming out with an app and has now joined twittuh, ughkay. Now we get the ultimate gift, which is Mike’s unfiltered thoughts 24/7 followed by hysterical responses related to all the absurd moments of his career.


Im not gonna lie, I was VERY skeptical about how this would go. At first, it seemed like this was some mandatory move from the higher ups at WFAN. Since Mike left last December, the station changed owners so this seemed like something the new guys made him do when he decided it was time to come back. I’m fairly certain Mike learned what an app was in like March of this year. He also vowed that he would nevuh join da twittuh wit da mongos ughkay. So you could get lawst with dat thought. Go help an old lady aww sumthin productive ughkay. It took me two houahs ta write dat what a moron.


I gotta say, even though its only been a little bit, mike on twittuh has been surprisingly entertaining. I mean, I should have expected this since hes been numbah one for thirty years and literally turned making an account & sending a tweet, which literally takes about 45 seconds start to finish, into a major event. HE WAS DERE AT DA TWITTUH HQ UGKAYY. And since that fateful day, he’s been a twittuh machine. When Mike twittuh is mike twittuh it’s the Godfather, ughkay. ANDDD he’s only using 20% of twittuh according to him, so look out, we haven’t even scratched the surface. In conclusion, enjoy all these ridiculous Mike clips that relate to some of the inside jokes about mike hidden in here. Back afta Dis.

Mike’s Twittuh


Mike Falls Asleep on Air

Mike Denies Falling Asleep bc He’s The Pope

Mike Reacts to Prank Calls For Falling Asleep

Mike Reacts Even Better to Sleeping Calls

Mike Reacts to a Caller Asking if a Baseball Team Can go 162-0

Caller Asks Mike if Citi Field Will Get Struck by Jewish Lightning

Caller Asks Mike if Vince Lombardi Could Coach The Knicks

Mike Teaches a Mongo How to Run a Show

Do The SF Giants & The NY Giants Get Together For Dinner


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