US news outlet KIRO 7 reported that a woman, identified only as Danielle from Portland, Oregon, had been unaware of what happened until she received a phone call from her husband’s employee.

The employee said that Alexa, Amazon’s popular voice assistant, had recorded the family’s conversation and sent it to him.

Luckily, the conversation was not too personal – it was about hardwood floors.

Nonetheless, Danielle said she felt “invaded”.

She added: “Immediately I said: ‘I’m never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it’.”

Me after reading this story

vince laugh

I have been saying this since the second they came out with this thing! Everyone I know who has one talking about “Oh Richie you’re just paranoid as usual” or “You don’t trust anything of course you hate it” or “Keep living in the stone age out of fear”. Oh yeah? I’m just paranoid? Is that right? I’m living in the stone age out of fear you say? You know what happens to people who have Alexas in their home? Do ya? Well you know what?

jericho list

That’s right dammit! You think I’m gonna hang out with some doofus who has an Alexa because it’s convenient” or “cool”? HELL NO! A man of my stature can’t be associated with some dweeb who is dry snitching people and themselves because they gotta have a stupid Alexa in their home. Can’t leave myself open to being done dirty like that. That thing probably reports directly to the fuzz everytime you say anything that could be bad. I don’t associate with rats, human or technological. End. Of. Story.

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