Hanley Ramirez likely to be released…HUH?

Oh Jesus Christ, here we go. Boston media is about to FEAST. Live look:


Big dick swingin’ Cora is NOT messing around, folks. 12 hours ago, Cora was pissed with Hanley saying he needed more discipline at the plate. Fast forward, to steal a line from Nick Vacation, Bon Voyage, bro!

You got to wonder if it’s just the play though. Was it all the off the field antics? I mean it was playful and harmless but you wonder if it got under Cora’s skin. A veteran goofing around on the regular like this:



But still, he was mediocre. Hitting above .250 with just SIX home runs and 29 RBIs…MEH. A lot left to be desired there, Han. You’re a bigger bust than the Han Solo movie. And now you are legit Han Solo…I’m sorry terrible joke.

He was the sacrifice to make room for Dusty and a lot of people pinned Swihart as the guy to be nixed but looks like Hanley’s hitless at bats recently, capitalized with a 3 strikeout game last night, was the nail in the dreaded coffin. See what I did? Oh, fuck you, your jokes are dumb!

It’s been real Hanley. Maybe you will go join your bud Panda over on the West Coast. Whatever you do, you don’t need to worry about money. Red Sox still owe you a very cool 22 mil. Go nuts, man. You just could have been so much better. I feel like my parents but I am disappointed in you. JUST KIDDING. I knew this contract would end in a fucking nasty fiery car wreck.

Image result for hanley ramirez dancing gif

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