Stan Lee’s Twitter Bio Is The Cockiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Stan Lee, no introduction needed.  The man, the legend, literally everyone loves Stan Lee, but now I love him even more.

So I’m perusing around the old Twitter gimmick and stumble upon the realization that I’m actually NOT one of the 3.5 Million people that follow Stan the man.  So immediately I correct course and click “Follow” so I can see what the 90+ year old genius is up to.  Like does he even use Twitter?  Well, to my surprise, you bet your ass he does.  In fact, he’s still super witty and clearly has the pulse of his audience, which makes sense, since he created X-Men and The Avengers …. ya know? BUT even that wasn’t the most eye opening part of getting a peek at Stan Lee’s bio, bro!

I don’t know whether I was surprised or completely expectant of this, but Stan Lee’s Twitter Bio is easily the most power moves only bio I’ve ever seen in my entire time.


Now at first glace you’re like, holy shit, he created all of those guys?   Well, yea, we knew that, so that’s not how you were at first glance really, I just wanted to use that expression.  In fact, out of all the names there the part that stuck out to me is the “etc.” … Like so fucking casual he just drops that in there and is like “and a few other superheros”.  Didn’t even bother to mention Thor, just didn’t have time and Twitter only allows him to use so many letters.  I mean jeez, the poor guy couldn’t even put himself over correctly, as is he had to broadly list “X-Men” and “Avengers” to cover off on the most mainstream characters he has.

I’d like to also say that after writing this blog that I’m officially going to dive into a wormhole on Prime Video tonight and watch every comic book documentary I can find.  Might lose the wife because of it, but it’ll be worth it.

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