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Hey Guys, Forget The Whole Anthem Policy Debacle…Here’s Rookies Trying To Draw Their Team Logos!

This is the NFL right now after releasing the Anti-National Anthem Policy yesterday:

“Just no one pay attention! We are a family corporation…I mean league. We are just a happy, fun gang over here. No Fun League? What’s that? We are alllll about fun here. See our rookies drawing or I mean TRYING to draw their team logos? What a bunch of goofs! LOL! Being sucky at art can be quite the good time, friends! We like to muddy up policies that are no longer needed and have fun! It’s what we do!”

Okay, you get it. The NFL is trying to show they’re family friendly. They are the definition of fun. They aren’t looking to protect the best interests of owners and their wallets and hide from the President and his Sauron’s Eye of a Twitter account. No sir! They’re doing the gutsiest thing of all. They are showing how their rookies have a vulnerable, playful side. They aren’t about the dollars signs, just the good times.

Yup, this is a giant steaming crock of shit. Get used to it. There is going to be a LOT more coming our way. Hope you like bullshit because it’s the menu for next season: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy!

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