Fox Tries To Live Its Life, Bald Eagle Swoops In And Cucks Him

Now typically I am all about our nation’s mascot. Freedom. Patriotic as hell. Could probably rip your face off. All lovable qualities of a bird especially one OF PREY. But sometimes it’s like “Alright dude, go find your own food. Go earn it.” This feathery majestic predator could easily scoop a fish that any of us would be proud to bring home and call dinner.

Nope, instead he sees a fox trying to get himself a nutritious rabbit dinner and tries to snatch the deceased Bugs Bunny. Like a good damn worm. I can’t really say there’s a clear winner here but the fox has to be considered the winner given he goes on a fucking RIDE up into the air and lands without dying or hurting himself (I think). I mean the only loser is the rabbit obviously. Otherwise, we all win. Yes, bald eagles are alpha as fuck though.

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