Dicking Down Goats is No Way to Live Your Life, Sir. Very Bad For Brand.

The OG post

A 42-year-old married man who has six children has been arrested by the Katsina State Police Command for allegedly having sex with a goat in the back of his house.

The suspect, Babangida Garuba, a Goldsmith who resides at the Kasuan Mata area in Funtua Local Government Area of the state, according to Daily Trust, was reportedly caught in the act by his wife who raised an alarm that attracted residents who apprehended him and handed him over to the police.

So Babaganoush over here has a dilemma. You’re probably saying, “No shit he does Richie. Guy got caught giving the pipe to a goat”, but that’s not the main problem. Big problem for sure, since its illegal, immoral, gross, savage, etc. HOWEVAAAA, it is NOT the main issue.

The main issue is our disgusting homeboy Babaganoush can’t seem to pull out or wear a condom. Six kids. Seventh on the way. You know who’s fault that is, Babaganoush? Do ya? Do ya know who needs to study the works of Peter North & Nick Manning? Do ya pal? ITS YOU BABAGANOUSH!!! You’re sorry? Then pull out or wrap it up my dude. It’s pretty simple. Gotta space out those creampies homie. Can’t just go unleashing the secret sauce all willy nilly in a fertile woman such as Mrs. Babaganoush. That’s how you end up the town goat fucker. VERY bad for brand. goat meme


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