Moron at the Movies: Deadpool 2

Not sure if you have heard, but superhero movies do pretty, pretty well in the box office these days. Basically, you either are a very boring human being or have too small of a brain to process the storylines and action to not enjoy these movies. Marvel’s blockbusters are just straight up more entertaining and let’s face it…awesome, compared to the dark, forced films coming from DC. Now I can sit here and ramble about both comic book companies but the deeper rabbit hole conversation would be me trying to explain how Marvel at one point years ago split up the rights to their characters among many different movie production companies. Luckily, a few months ago, Marvel got pretty much all of it back but there are still some films belonging to Sony and Fox that have yet to fully integrate into the main Disney Marvel universe that exists (think all of the movies that live in the Avengers movie world). One of those before was Deadpool. Here’s a quick infographic to explain:



Yeah, good luck deciphering all of it. That’s actually a microscopic look at what my blood cells look like. I should get that checked out.

Anyway, Deadpool 2 was a treat. Now, I won’t lie to you and say “it’s the best movie ever, drop everything and go!” It’s also tough for this movie coming out only weeks after Infinity War which was an A+ grade movie. The thing I love most about DP2 just like the first one and just like the main character, the writers and director don’t give a flying mutant fuck about what the hell you want or think. It’s refreshing. It’s actually one of the few superheroes depicted in the movie that is so scary dead-on to how fans imagined him (Ryan Reynolds was born for this role and definitely not Green Lantern). But just remember in Deadpool comics, no one is safe. Anything can happen and will happen at the fan’s expense. Before I continue- SPOILER ALERT


Guys, one more time…S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S. Got it? Cool.

DP2 transitions into a world with more characters, basically more superheroes and more supervillains which I enjoy as long as you’re not trying to introduce 47 new characters out of nowhere (*cough* X-Men Last Stand and Spider-Man 3 *cough*). This movie moves toward the emergence of one of the most badass superhero groups from the comics: X-Force. Not the BEST name but hey, just like Wade Wilson, they give it to you straight, no holds barred. The movie introduces fan faves like Shatterstar, Domino, and of course Cable. To start, Cable is depicted as the villain more than a hero. But later on, you see his character has dire circumstances and motives that forced him to hunt down the mutant renegade known as Russell. Unfortunately, the directors and writers thought some heroes for the new X Force are expendable for the sake of comedy which actually is one of the most shocking but laugh-filled scenes in the movie. I will never ignore a High Wind Advisory ever again. I am sure plenty of nerds have the Spider-Man undies in a bunch because no punches were pulled and favorites were killed off for giggles.

The original story and timeline to start the movie includes a thug’s stray bullet killing Vanessa during a fight involving Deadpool and a gang. This is where Cable’s time travel capabilities come in towards the end of the movie but not before a “dead” Vanessa keeps inspiring Deadpool to give a change of heart and help Russell. This causes Deadpool to enlist folks to join X-Force including the hilarious Rob Delaney from Catastrophe to play Peter, literally just a regular dude.

The biggest surprise and a crowd-pleasing one at that was Juggernaut emerging as one of the main villains. And thank GOD, they did him justice this time around. They made him meaner, bigger, stronger, cooler looking and oh yeah American. Nothing against the British accents but don’t make Cain Marko a thug from a Guy Ritchie movie, please.

The best part of Deadpool 2: I found it funnier than the first. The humor was even more refreshing, no holding back and never let up but still kept a serious tone to the storyline with Vanessa, Russell and Cable. Granted, I was a few 24 oz. beers in (check out Mighty Squirrel Cloud Candy, very good) but nonetheless, it’s laugh out loud quality especially one heavily CGI’d scene involving Deadpool’s lower half.

Overall, I give Deadpool 2 a solid B+. From a pure nerd stance, I give it an A but I would give every superhero movie an A just because I see the characters I once read in paper comics be larger than life actors and CGI on the big screen. Highly recommended to see, the movie doesn’t NEED to be seen in theaters but I would say go see it soon before someone ruins the movie for you like I did in this review.





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