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Why Nia vs Ronda, Right Now, is BAD FOR BRAND

ronda nia


So, I’m on my way into the office this morning and decided to toss on a podcast for the morning commute, since I can only stand listening to the MENSA members that call into WFAN for only so long. I tossed on one of the few wrestling podcasts that I gravitate to regularly, which is The Taz Show, hosted by former ECW & WWE star & color commentator, Taz. I tend to share his views on the biz, since the largest influences on me as a fan come from his era, and also because I LOVED ECW back in its heyday. Got the privilege of seeing these lunatics live back then and they really pushed the envelope back then while simultaneously becoming more than just a regional niche promotion. but I digress.

So he brings up a valid point this morning that I very much happen to agree with, since I’m a believer in kayfabe. WHY THE HELL IS THE CHAMP CALLING OUT THE CHALLENGER?!?! Think about it. You have this new Raw Women’s Champ in Nia Jax. She’s this big, powerful woman who, quite frankly, looks like she could absolutely manhandle half the men on the roster, nevermind the women in her division. She just ended a very long, and in my opinion, somewhat overly drawn out title reign of Alexa Bliss. While I like Alexa Bliss and feel she’s an all around high level talent, they kept the belt on her about 4 months too long.

On the other side here, you have Vince & Co’s shiny new toy. The woman who we as fans have all been patiently waiting for since she hopped the barricade at WM31. The woman who was going to bring even more legitimacy to womens wrestling, in a company that was known for “puppies” and bra & panties matches when it came to female representation. A multiple time UFC champion, who at one time was thought of as the best pound for pound fighter, regardless of gender, in all of mixed martial arts. She’s still green when it comes to pro wrestling tho. She’s shown a ton of promise early on, but she’s still learning the ropes for sure. She will obviously be the face of this company, but in due time.

Now last week WWE was involved in whats known in TV as the upfront for NBC/Universal, who airs RAW on their USA Network. So, how do they generate buzz? BY HAVING THE CHAMP CALL OUT RONDA. This makes ZERO sense whatsoever. Ronda has had ONE, yes ONE, official televised match. Did she look good in it? No, she looked GREAT in it. They clearly have something special with her, as long as she’s brought up right. Even if she’s not, she is physically talented enough in her very limited body of work to cover the mistakes. The problem is, it’s way too early for mistakes like this.

YES, she’s the “baddest woman on the planet” in the world of wrasslin. YES, she is extremely accomplished and not the average new talent. None of that means she should be getting a title shot so early. Moreso, there is ZERO logic behind having a sitting champ call out the “baddest woman on the planet”. None whatsoever. Champs get called out. Champs don’t call out competition. That’s combat sports & pro wrestling 101, and going against it is, quite simply, BAD FOR BRAND.

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