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Brand Awareness: Human Action Figure Jake Webb

We talk about being badass. We talk about being a man’s man. But let’s talk to a dude that really embodies both. I have known Jake for some time. He was a football player that played for my high school alma mater and then went on to become…well basically, every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie character come to life. Jake keeps one-upping his own manly achievements. He was in the military, deployed to Iraq, he’s now a police officer, full time family man (both husband and a father to two), Pro-Am bodybuilder sponsored by Mass Muscle Maker and the guy builds hot rods. Oh did I mention he’s taking full time courses as well? And what exactly are you doing this Monday? Yeah, after typing all that out, I kind of see myself as an absolute LOAD and need to be better. I interviewed Jake for more on himself and his fascinating life as a living, walking action figure.

Dan: Tell us about yourself. Just a quick summary of your background.

Jake: My name is Jake Webb, but my co-workers call me “the Swede.” I’m a 28 year old amateur bodybuilder and MassMusclemaker sponsored athlete. I’m married with 2 kids. I’m a full time cop and have been for 6 years along with being a Sgt. in the Army National Guard. I deployed to Iraq under the 82nd airborne where I spent a year in Ar Ramadi, Iraq and Fallujah. I like to build hot rods and I’m currently in school full time taking 4 classes a semester.

Dan: So what got you in to bodybuilding?

Jake: Honestly, other than the lame BFS[Bigger Faster Stronger] program in high school, I’d have to say just Pumping Iron. Me and my buddies would watch it to get motivated for workouts. I got away from it a bit until I was in Iraq where, let’s face it, you can only watch so many bootleg Haiji movies. Honestly, this is where it became a big part of my life. I started by canceling all my negative energy there with iron therapy. Then when I started seeing the results I was hooked.


Dan: Who are the pro bodybuilders you look at and say “I would give my left nut to be at that dude’s level?”

Jake: Old school wise, I’d  give my left nut to be a combo of Arnold and Franco. Franco had the build/ physique, but Arnold dominated due to his posing and massive size. 

Dan: What’s your typical day look like?

Jake: My days are always changing. Most days are Groundhog Day. I wake up and eat, play with my kids, then eat again. Put them to bed, then eat. Veg out and enjoy the quiet then head to the gym to destroy the weights. I work overnights so I like to get a solid pump before shift. Not only does it help clear the mind, but helps keep me wired all night. Once I get to work I eat while we do roll call about what went on during the prior shifts.  Then I hit the road where I go between business checks, calls, and then I eat halfway through the shift. Then repeat until I eat near the end of the shift. Then finally I head home where I eat breakfast with the kids and head to bed. My life literally revolves around my meals. Most people don’t realize this but 80% of bodybuilding is diet/ food intake. Right now my coach, the great Larry Lyons, has me eating a little over 5,000 calories a day on a normal Work/ training day. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s insane when it’s clean food. I enjoy red meat too much so most of my meals consist of it.


Dan: Wow. Would you say there is a downside to the bodybuilding?

Jake: Your life revolves around strict diet. If you’re looking to just be a gym bro, getting pumped before you go clubbing, then this isn’t the lifestyle for you.

Dan: So basically don’t be Jersey Shore, got it. What’s the most badass moment you can share with us from any dimension of your life i.e. bodybuilding, sports, military, police work?

Jake: There’s a lot, honestly, but when it boils down to it I’d have to say my first high speed chase. Long story short, my backup was nowhere near when I cornered the perp’s car in a parking lot. He jumps out the passenger side door, as he runs by me I clothesline him. He gets up since he was high on who knows what combo of meds, and I tazed him. He’s ignoring my commands while at the same time his wife comes charging at me. I get forced to draw my weapon down on her as I keep applying more charges to the guy. Long story short my backup showed up shortly after and we arrested the guy. 


Dan: Totally, samesies. My Tuesday night. Just kidding, I ate fro yo. What message do you want to share for any prospective bodybuilders out there?

Jake:  I would say learn the muscle mind connection as soon as possible. It’s huge for growth. If you can’t feel what your muscle needs, then you won’t be able to get it to grow.


Dan: You may have alluded to this before, but what’s the biggest mistake amateurs make starting out?

Jake: Not getting on a proper diet and sticking with it. I was one of them. I literally thought drinking a shake post workout was enough and if I kept at it I would look like Arnold. Man was I wrong. All my meals are solid foods, besides the random egg white shakes. I rarely use powders unless I need to “supplement” a meal while at work or on a detail.

Dan: Interesting. Other than everyone being smaller than you and touching your weights, what’s your biggest pet peeve at the gym? What really makes you want to rip someone’s spine out at the gym?

Jake: Leaving the damn weights or equipment out. If you’re not adult enough to put your shit back, you’re clearly not old enough to be in the gym.

Dan: I mean that is just down right blasphemous. Don’t be a worm, folks. Do you think bodybuilders and lifters get a bad name i.e. from the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm commercials and how television/movies perceive them?

Jake: All the time! Everyone looks at you as if you’re just a meathead. They tend to forget that you are a normal person that just has the dedication, drive, and heart to be a bodybuilder. Take Kai Greene for instance. He’s a genius. Everything that comes out of his mouth gets you to think. The first time I watched one of his interviews I was astonished! The way he spoke and carried himself. He truly is an inspiration for anyone.

Dan: And he was great in Stranger Things. Speaking of Netflix and chill, or as I call it Netflix and Mozzarella Sticks, what’s your favorite cheat meal?

Jake: Pizza! God I love it! Sadly though my coach won’t allow it right now. [Jake laughs]

Dan: What’s your favorite lift?

Jake: Hammer style rope curls. You can feel your muscles tighten and veins pop with each rep. It’s insane how much of a full pump it gives.


Dan: When’s your next competition or event other than reprising your role as The Hulk in the next Avengers movie?

Jake: I’m currently getting ready for two, possibly more. The New England Nationals and the Northeast Cup. Those are in October and November.


Dan: If you could get a lift in with any 3 people, living or dead, who would it be?

Jake: Arnold, Calum Von Moger and Flex Lewis.

Dan: Who would you pick for a tag team match: Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage or Ultimate Warrior?

Jake: Ultimate Warrior. Hands down. No one beats him or his intensity he brought to the stage and the ring.


Dan: How much are you maxing on bench press?

Jake: Honestly, I haven’t maxed out in a long time. Not only due to injury, but bodybuilding is so different than ego lifting. The last time I maxed out anything it was my bench and that was 612 lbs for 1 1/2 reps.

Dan: Double damn. Tell us a story of how your size has come up while out in public.

Jake:  The most common one is “oh you don’t workout, huh?” Honestly, by far the funniest one was I was on a call a few years back. Me and my partner are breaking up a high school party. Kid kept staring at me then looking at his buddies. So I ask him if everything was alright, he says “Um yeah um we were just wondering if your arms are real.” My partner and I start dying laughing. Then without skipping a beat my partner goes, “No, I usually grab the tire pump and inflate them for him at the start of the shift” completely straight faced. The kids had no idea what to say. [Jake laughs]


Dan: You should have flexed right in the kid’s face. So any shout outs or thanks you want to send out to your peeps?

Jake:  I’d like to give a huge thanks to my wife Lauren and my kids. They have been there with me through all the struggles and continue to push me to succeed and be my best, despite the grocery bill. I’d also like to give a huge thanks to my coach, Larry Lyons, from MassMusclemaker in Auburn, MA. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for him. I was out on medical leave for 21 months after being run over by a car while directing traffic at work one morning. I  ruptured my L1, herniated my L2, tore my left hamstring, displaced my left hip, and tore all the muscles in my lower back. With the lack of training and my wife’s second pregnancy I got pretty fat. I was up to 275 lbs and looking like Fat Bastard, from Austin Powers. If it wasn’t for my family’s support and my coach’s help I definitely wouldn’t be anywhere close to thinking about competing. Also shout out to Blacklist Barbell and Freeweight Industries for the great gym swag!

So that’s my interview with the living legend, Jake Webb. If you want to see more Jake you can follow him on Instagram at jakewebb3557. And we will have more interviews with more up-and-coming people you need to know and are definitely good for brand.


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