Are You a Big Enough Dog Person to Adopt a Radioactive Dog?

radiactive dog

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Give us your tired, your poor, your radioactive dogs yearning to lick a friendly face.

An effort is underway to give descendents of pooches abandoned during the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster a new home in the United States.

American blogger Lucas Hixson said he personally helped scoop up a dozen of the pups from the grounds of the Ukrainian disaster site.

“Today we take 12 puppies out of the local area. In total, we want to take out about 200 puppies for adoption by families,” Hixson told Central European News.

Photos of the puppies show they are as cute as any other sweet mutt, but Jeff Beri, founder of the dog-rescue nonprofit No Dog Left Behind, says American families need to know more before allowing them in.

“Dog rescue has no borders, but in this case, there is a potential health risk,” he said.

Stumbled upon this article this morning. Now, I’m a dog guy through and through. Love dogs of all kinds. Mans best friend. Loyal to the ends of the Earth. Happy as a pig in shit just to see you strut through that door like the nature boy, but also comforting and compassionate when you come in looking like you were a visitor of suplex city. They are absolutely the best.

I must be honest though. I’m not so sure I would be jumping at the chance to adopt a Chernobyl dog. I’m all for rescues. I feel that unless you are going for a very specific breed, it’s always better to adopt & save / give a better life to a furry friend in need. But we gotta draw the line somewhere. these dogs may LOOK normal now, but those poor pups were born from dogs that slurped up nuclear water all day everyday. If we’ve learned anything from the fine folks of Springfield, it’s that nuke juice leads to this, NOT a superhero sidekick, and we can’t let them loose over here no way no how. Sorry nuke dogs, but I think staying in Eastern Europe is the only way to go here. Let us know in the comments if you are for or against adopting a radioactive dog.



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