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I’m Team Jinder Mahal … Why He Doesn’t Suck At All.

I don’t get the hate on Jinder Mahal.  I really don’t.  Any time I’m on Twitter and “wrestling” is trending it always seems that without fail I’ll come across some dude taking an unrelated and unwarranted swipe at my guy, The Modern Day Maharaja.

It’s so confusing to me because a big reason a lot of us got into wrestling was because of “characters” just like Jinder Mahal.  Also … and I know this will be hard for some of you to stomach, but the “matches” weren’t even close to being as important as promos, backstage interviews, entrances and storylines.  Back in the day, if you had a great match, or what you guys would call “5 Stars”, that didn’t mean you were getting picked to be on the cover of the TV Guide.  In fact, the reality is that those “great matches” were few and far between in WWE/WWF’s most popular era and they DEFINITELY WERE NOT the main reason why WWF eventually put WCW out of business.

So it baffles my mind that when we finally get a dude who has a CHARACTER and looks legitimately like an action figure that people just don’t get “it”.  And the “it” I’m referring to is the ability to have a direction in promos and actions.   Is Jinder the best promo in the world?  No.  But at least he has direction on where his character is going.  You think I’m bullshitting?  Ok, let’s do a little word association, shall we?  I’m going to name a wrestler and let’s say what their character is.  Ok … go.

Jinder Mahal:  Punjabi Royalty.  Heel.  Hates America and believes that Americans are prejudice and discriminate against him, thus costing him opportunity.  This is obviously the reason for the fans to hate him.

Seth Rollins: Athletic guy.  Cool Theme Song.  Loves to tell the fans that they’re awesome.

Finn Balor:  Irish Athletic Guy.  Wears cool jacket and occasionally is a demon.  In a Club that we can’t talk about directly, but everyone knows about.

See what I’m saying?

I honestly don’t care about how much better “wrestlers” Rollins and Balor are than Jinder.  You know why?  I’ll tell you.  It’s same reason Elias doesn’t have to wrestle and is more entertaining and must see than all of the above.  It’s because he has a character and that character makes it easy to enjoy him even though he’s a bad guy.  Watch how easy this next one is …

Elias: A drifting solo guitar artist who actually believes that WWE venues are shows that he his headlining.  He’s a bad guy because he shits on the City he’s in.

That was quite easy, wouldn’t you agree?  Moving on …

So getting back to Jinder.  The dude is straight up believable.  Do I think he actually hates America?  Hell no, I mean where else can he get his Nutrition Solutions on the road so easily?  And even though he doesn’t hate America in real life, I know for a fact that he probably UNDERSTANDS the motives of his character as a supposed “discriminated” man of Punjabi descent.

He’s also been a true chicken shit heel.  Ya know, using actual wrestling psychology?  He’s been able to elevate and use the Singh Brothers to perfection.   It’s like when Shane O’ Mac would use the Mean Street Posse to his advantage, only these guys are smaller and a lot easier to throw.  See: Randy Orton.  Nonetheless, I love it every time Jinder enters the arena.   He looks like a millon bucks and his theme song is absolute fire even though I know approximately ZERO words.

So do me a favor, you Jinder haters, the next time Jinder is on screen, I suggest you don’t put as much stock into the in-ring work and just enjoy the ridiculousness of the Modern Day Maharaja.  Pay attention to the entrance, the swag, the mannerisms and the direction of his promo.  It’s time that the rest of you to catch up with the 1.3 Billion people in India who know what’s up already.

#MyMaharaja #TeamJinder

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