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FANTASY: I’m Going To Overdraft Browns Because Of Hard Knocks … I Know It.

Every … single … year I do the same damn thing.  I watch Hard Knocks and the proceed to overdraft the shit out of someone on that team.  Do you know how many years I drafted Andrew Hawkins on the Bengals because of Hard Knocks?  THAT GUY SUCKED, but I refused to drop him, which was almost as bad a decision as Ben McAdoo sitting Eli Manning for Geno Smith.

So this year, it’s the Browns.  The chosen team to take part in Hard Knocks.  Unlike years prior, I’m actually ALL IN on this version of the show.  The Browns are the perfect team.  They have a ton of young talent, Josh Gordon in particular and the #1 and #4 overall pick reporting to camp.  The biggest story will definitely be Baker Mayfield, but that’s another blog for another time.   What I’m interested in is the HYPE TRAIN.  Who am I going to be sold on based on highly edited film for a show on HBO?  Who is going to look so fast on my HDTV that I say, “I don’t care what it takes, that’s my guy.”   Here’s 3 dudes that I can see myself taking wildly ahead of where they should go in the 2018 Fantasy Football Draft for no other reason than, “He looked SUPER FAST on Hard Knocks, bro!”

#1. David Njoku – I’m a sucker for Tight Ends, especially in Fantasy.  It’s a huge difference maker for your team if you can find one because chances are that unless you’re willing to commit to Gronk, Kelce or Ertz (maybe Engram/Olsen), you’re going to be left with the sub-list and be at a positional dis-advantage.  The reason I like Njoku is because he has raw talent and was able to showcase that with a shit QB situation last year.  Now because of Hard Knocks, I’m gonna be watching highlights of this dude with Tyrod “I Love My TE” Taylor throwing to him and Baker Mayfield looking for check downs as a rookie QB with the Franchise on his back and all the pressure in the world.  I can easily see myself buck tradition and go with my gut and snag this dude before a guy like Delanie Walker, which I know for a fact is the wrong decision.

#2. Josh Gordon – I mean, there’s no hype train needed, but you KNOW they’re gonna have an entire episode dedicated to this dude.  While typically I’d say he’s probably a late first rounder in deeper leagues, I think someone, possibly myself, may pull the trigger earlier than that.  He’s gonna be burning 3rd string CBs all camp.  You’re gonna hear about how he’s cleaned up his act and is now a team leader.  And lastly, they’re gonna pull that bullshit when they show him all jacked and shit with his shirt off looking like he’s straight out of the movie 300.  THIS IS SPART …. CLEVELAND!

#3. Duke Johnson – This guy has been under the radar his entire Fantasy career.  He’s super talented, but has only had dog shit QBs to get him the ball.  Now he has Tyrod and Mayfield, two dudes who should be playermakers to get him involved.  Also, you know Hard Knocks will show him off as some secret weapon.  He’s another guy who I can see them splicing together a highlight reel or him doing drills in an abandon complex for no apparent reason.  They’ll also show clips of him being mentored by their newest RB addition, veteran Carlos Hyde.  So you’ll be sitting there on your coach watching these two chatting it up on the sidelines and being sold that Hyde is placing his infinite wisdom in Duke’s brain and taking him under his wing.  There’s nothing like veteran mentorship to really get my blood going in Fantasy! This will sell you just enough for you to go reach for your stud option at FLEX in deeper leagues.  I know I’ll be.

Hard Knocks: Good For HBO’s Brand, Bad For My Fantasy Team



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