Bill Belichick complimented the Philadelphia Eagles and Doug Pederson before the Super Bowl. Lane Johnson is offended.

Let’s talk about the literal elephant in the room: Lane Johnson. Lane Johnson was a top NFL prospect, drafted 4th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft to the Birds. He’s a big offensive tackle bulldozes people with his hands and now also his mouth. He has officially decided to open, feature and headline Bitchfest ’99. Now, for the most part, Boston and New England fans are not new to trash-talking athletes that just had their championship cherry popped. The city and the surrounding states have become veterans in a cocky, conceited way sure but just seasoned is the right word. Typically, the way it usually goes is a team or player LOSES to our team and continues to talk trash after the fact and continue to be a sore loser. This, my friends, is kind of a new one. We have a Super Bowl winner being a…sore winner? Cry more, you can’t.

He first went on Pardon My Take a couple times to say how the Patriots organization is a bunch of robots, no one enjoys playing there and it’s basically a dictatorship. This riled up New England media and fans a bit for sure because it came across as a surprise. Why is this dude still so bitter? He won! Lane also apparently doesn’t think we know how the operations are handled in Foxboro. It’s a tight ship, BB doesn’t put up with nonsense and wants to…get this…win. He builds a business-like environment and holds players accountable for their actions and their performances. What a crazy whackadoo structure!

“Obviously, do they win? Hell yes, they win. They’ve won for a long time,” Johnson said on the Pardon My Take podcast at the time. “Do I think people enjoy and can say, ‘I had a lot of fun playing there?’ No, I don’t. That’s just the God’s honest truth.

Has he ever played for the Pats? No. So just assuming is cool. You can ask a lot of ex-Patriots, they had fun WINNING. It’s laughable. Lane wants to run around, dance after plays and splash water and Gatorade on his teammates and win. Hey, once in a while, a squirrel gets its nut. Once in a long while, the team also having a blast has enough talent to overcome an extremely well coached team with a HOF coach and GOAT QB. “We know all we had to do was contain Tom Brady and we could have a chance to win,” per Lane. Uhhhh, Lane, he threw for over 500 yards. The Patriots defense just outsucked the Philadelphia defense. NEWSFLASH.

But hey, the 28 year old Texan wants to run his mouth, so be it. He can probably walk the walk and talk the talk which we have seen so why not? Well, it’s been over 3 months, and Lane is STILL yackin’ about Bill and the Pats. Like a girl who broke up with her boyfriend months ago, just reminiscing and getting upset about petty little things. Only, I can’t quite wrap my head what he’s mad about now? He went on the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast this past week and continued to bitch to the WWE legend who hates people that bitch. I’m shocked Austin didn’t shout WHAT? after every word Lane said. Lane explained,

“Here’s what pissed me off,” Johnson prefaced to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin of all people on the wrestler’s podcast. “The Patriots, obviously, I respect their coach, I respect Bill [Belichick], I respect Tom Brady, but just because the way that they won the Super Bowls, the Patriot Way, is that how everybody else is supposed to do the same thing? No, it’s not. And that’s what I got mad at, the arrogance by them.” 

Everything okay at home? Sorry LJ, when did the Pats say the only way to win a championship was by the Patriot Way? When did they criticize other teams? Sounds like you’re chasing ghosts and make believe monsters, buddy. Worry about yourself! Move on! You seem like you have some mental shit to sort out.

The greatest part of all was when Lane said this:

“There was obviously some stuff behind closed doors. Their owner talking s— to our owner. Bill talking s— to our head coach [Doug Pederson] before the game. I’m not going to say it, but a lot of s— kind built up to that, and I just got tired of hearing about it, man, to be honest.” 

Lane…pal…do you mean this?

For a dude that looks like a hairy testicle, you need to grow a pair.


All this whining after a Super Bowl win, MONTHS later…it ain’t a good look. Absolutely bad for brand.

PS Your true colors are bleeding through, talking shit about the Top 100 list until you landed at 95.


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