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SDLive: Big Cass Cuts Promo And This Shit Is Just Getting Weird

So last night Big Cass came out and interrupted Daniel Bryan again.  He cut a promo and it was some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was Bayley “This Is Your Life” cringe level.   To be honest, all of this is confusing because Cass is a New York guy just like me.  I’ve heard him in interviews, in particular with the boys over at Barstool Sports when I ran social for their podcast, From The Top Rope.  Big Cass does NOT talk or act like this.  He legit doesn’t, so I don’t know where these mannerisms are coming from or who is coaching him, but this has got to stop.  It’s doing him no favors.

Dirtsheets will say “he went off script” or something or has heat, but the fact is they don’t know a fucking thing about what’s going on.  I don’t care if he’s on or off script, just throw the damn script out.  Please, for the love of God just give this dude a few talking points and tell him to be a bully from New York.   It’s not that hard.  Cass is a super smart and a well articulated guy in real life.  I’ve never actually met him though, so we’ll just chalk my assessment up to being a mark and an actual big fan of his.  Every interview he’s done has been one of, if not my favorite in terms of relating to a professional wrestler on a real life level.  I strongly recommend you not listen to his promo from last night, but do listen to his interviews with Barstool Sports and his Nirvana Podcast w/ Jericho.  Unbelievable shit right there that shows you the real dude.

As for the promo itself, cringe aside, you can’t just go out there and use being tall as a sticking point.  Not with Daniel Bryan.  This isn’t fucking Kalisto you’re talking to.

Like how ridiculous does it looks when you’re ripping on a dude for being small when he’s married to Brie fucking Bella?  Bro, you think he cares or the fans are like “Aww man, I feel bad for Daniel Bryan here.”  Hell no, man.  I say don’t even cut the promo, just keep costing Bryan matches.  After all, it makes no sense to make fun of a guy who is like the least vein dude of all time.  I mean, DBry walks around looking like if Chewbacca was cast in Braveheart, and you think he cares he’s only 5’8?  Nah, dude.  Hit him where it hurts.  The Daniel Bryan character doesn’t give a shit about his height, all he cares about is winning and being a wrestler.  I don’t know why it’s that difficult and shame on whoever is sending Cass out there with these dumpster diving lines.

I always say, every wrestler (cough, sports entertainer) should go out to the ring and think to themselves, “if I cut this promo with The Rock in the ring, what would he do to me?”  Seriously, that should be the bar, because there is no way on God’s green earth that anyone would be caught dead cutting the same promo Cass did last night with The Great One in the ring wearing a $500 shirt and a $5,000 Rolex.  You’d be called a jabroni, a roody poo, asked what your name was and have something turned sideways and stuck up your ass before you even made it to the ring.  That’s the fate of a promo like last night if ya smell what I’m cookin’.

If WWE isn’t careful, they’re going to get Cass booed for the wrong reasons and soon, they’ll just boo him because that’s what you do when Big Cass comes out.  Don’t let it get there.

Verdit.  Cass’ promo last night was Bad For Brand.


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