Pro Wrestling

I’m ALL OUT of ALL IN, Missed Out On Tickets Like A Jabroni

My buddy and I admittedly screwed this up.   We had all intention to go to Chicago for All In.  In fact, my friend actually got a job in Chicago recently so we were gearing up a reason for me to head out there.  All In was a no brainer.  Everything was perfectly aligned, I even got the verbal go ahead from the old wife gimmick that I was free to act like a child in Chicago for a couple days.  Thanks, hun.

If you want an idea how much the demand for the show played a factor, we actually had the tickets, but pulled back and decided to go for better options.  When we did that, we lost out.  Got straight up BOOTED.  We couldn’t even get back in to get tickets.  I think our initial options were around $100.00 range. Nothing wild, but we wanted solid seats.  After about 30 seconds of deliberation, we did what we always do with wrestling seats, we said FUCK IT and went for the showstopper, as close to the ring as possible.  It was that move that cost us.  It was like dominating an entire match only to be beaten by a rollup.  Now somewhere, someone, is out there, with our seats and we’re ALL OUT on our asses trying to figure out what else to do in ChiTown that weekend.

So to the secondary market we go.  If I’m being serious, I don’t think I’m going at this point. I feel dirty getting secondary tickets at a crazy price, especially when I had my chance.  I know there’s a ton being lined up, but I felt I needed to come clean to the masses and let everyone know I fucked up.

Am I devastated?  No.  Not really. I mean, if we’re being honest I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest die hard wrestling fan compared to most, and by most, I mean the extreme case of individuals who watch every promotion and devour independent news.  I’m admittedly more of a WWE guy, not an Indy guy, although I do have a major soft spot for Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore, having attending on multiple occasions.  But this kind of hurts.  All In will be an event that’s one of a kind.  10,000 seats is no joke and whether you like a certain style of wrestling or not, you gotta to appreciate the effort it takes to get this arranged and done.

If anyone reads this and has advice on how to score some seats, throw me a line on Twitter @NickVacation

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