Brian Windhorst is trying to mask that he is devastated that Lebron and the Cavs are down 2-0

So I don’t know if you’ve heard but Brian Windhorst kind of loves Lebron. Love is the wrong word. Lusts for Lebron may be more fitting. He fantasizes nothing more than to bathe in the finest Cabernet hot tub with Lebron “Sheesh” James. Alas, it’s not meant to be as Lebron does not feel the same way. Regardless, Brian continues to be a stalker level journalist slash beat writer for James. More like beat off writer, am I right? Okay okay, sorry. But he is definitely getting jealous and bored with these other “Lebron loving journalists” asking their ass-kissing questions. Like this guy. Geez, Brian, lighten up.

Okay, enough roasting Brian and his size 60 jacket and pants. Brian is even starting to turn on Lebron slowly but surely. He roasted Lebron on his abysmal defense. Don’t get me wrong, Lebron is easily the most talented NBA player all time besides Michael Jordan but age catches up with us all. Lebron also makes the NBA fun because he’s a character to love or hate so I don’t wish his retirement. But let’s put it this way at 34 MJ was first team All Defense. Lebron at 34…309th in the league. That is puke worthy. But to be fair, you can tell LJ picks and chooses when to make big plays on defense and saves up his energy for his Thanos-esque onslaught on offense. Any analyst needs to give in to facts when they stare you in the face like an old in-law you try to explain to what you do for a living.  However, aside from the one admission by Windy, he still won’t admit Lebron is also a poison to his team and not the player he was even a few years ago.

Sure, James puts up huge points…sometimes, he had the 15 pointer pooper in Game 1 of the ECF. But the defense is just not there and the rest of the team is NOT a defensive team by any teams no matter how many times the ESPN crew and Van Gundy try to say they are a top defensive squad. That’s laughable. Almost as much as VG saying Lue is a great coach but Lebron overshadows it. Yeah overshadows as in HE IS THE COACH. Lue is just a body…sigh, but I digress. Windhorst in his ESPN article he dropped today explains that Lebron faces a spry, young and high-upside Celtics team (true). But that team doesn’t know how to carry the crown that comes with being on top (kind of false)…meh, what team are you referring to? The one with 17 championships? Ok this team specifically sure. But blaming organizational fatigue for Lebron and the Cavs is such a cop out. Lebron uses organizations to assemble his teams, win championships and then leaves them to rot and hold on to memories. That’s what he does and will do AGAIN to the Cavs. Everyone gets sick of each other because Lebron is the only thing holding it together as a coach, as a leader, the best player and director of talent. He decides who stays, who goes and if he likes you or not. If your life is heaven or hell. Lebron is just about done with this corpse and will move on to one full of young life and potential like a vampire. Whether that’s the Lakers or the 76ers, who knows.

One thing is for sure. Lebron is down 2-0 to the Celtics who are without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Kyrie just smiling the whole time watching. But imagine if they had those two? This series would be a lock sweep. Instead, journalists who swear allegiance to “The King” continue to mask his downfalls with excuses marked up as crediting the other team and blaming the system not the individual and what he’s created or destroyed. The Celtics could ultimately win this in 7 or lose in 7 or hey the Cavs come back and win 4 straight. Would not be surprised if Windhorst changed his tune and walked back this article. We will just wait and see.

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