The NBA might have an unprecedented moment tonight, will they let it happen?

You wouldn’t know it watching the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, BTW up 1-0 in the series, but most people doubted the Celtics would be here. GASP! SHOCKER! No but really the chess-like moves with personnel and picks by Danny Ainge people laughed off at some points not seeing where it was going or if he was just out of his mind. Ainge was kind of like one of those painters just throwing nonsense on a canvas and then flips the canvas to reveal he was painting a fucking masterpiece the entire time but you were too dumb to notice.

Ainge flipped the painting that originally looked like scribbles and Marcus Smart and now oh shit it’s a giant middle finger and Marcus Smart. Danny Ainge caused some folks to LITERALLY lose their minds about him overvaluing his own assets and refusing trades for top caliber talent. Like Nick Wright…who by the way is a total JAG and groupie for Lebron James. SHEESH.

So tonight we have the NBA Draft Lottery. The Lakers pick is a tricky one and one for which the conditions of the pick will confuse the absolute hell out of any regular Joe tuning in. Basically through trades with the Lakers pick, a lot of conditions were made since it was originally traded from the Lakers to the Suns for STEVE NASH. The pick then got sent to the 76ers and that’s where the conditions set in. Then to the Celtics, more conditions. You got all that? Probably not. So basically, as a result of all these fugazee tactics, if the pick winds up in the 1 spot, or between 10 and 13, the 76ers will get it (a 97 percent chance…damn). In the less likely event (like almost little chance) that it winds up at 2 or 3, the Celtics will get it. (It can’t land in any other positions; if the Lakers are not pulled for a top three lottery place, their record was strong enough that they will get a lower pick.)


SO (catches breath and takes hit of cigarette) what does this all mean? Well the C’s have two rivals one old and one resurfaced, that could potentially get a big swing of fortune in their direction. But what’s unprecedented? If the 76ers get 1 or the Celtics get 2 or 3, JESUS. Two of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference could add another talent with high upside and franchise changing potential. Both teams already have very strong cores and futures. The Lakers desperately need the pick to fall in to no man’s land for Boston and Philly and get a shot to continue to help rebuild their fractured franchise. IMAGINE a top three pick joining Tatum, Brown and Kyrie??? Or one joining Simmons, Embiid and yes Fultz (JK LOL he’s terrible, Tatum was the best pick of that draft don’t kid yourself)? What a time to be alive.

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