Thanks in advance for reading about email etiquette

You can tell a lot by a person on how they sign off on their emails. Let’s get right into it …


Thanks in advance: Who says they’re going to do what you asked in the first place? Do you tell a girl on a first date, “Thanks in advance for having sex with me?” Don’t get ahead of yourself buddy.

Best: Best … what? Best chance of not getting a reply? Or are you simply talking about MA hoops legend and former Indiana Pacer Travis Best?


Cheers: Fuck you, dude. Unless your British or Woody Harrelson, just stop. Please … stop.


Sincerely: Are you writing a sixth grade book report or are you sending a thank you note to your aunt for your Bar Mitzvah gift? In conclusion … don’t use the word sincerely.

Kind Regards: Thanks for the regards, but you can kindly shut the fuck up.

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